520 and 4th: GPL’s Photographic History

Our library building has stood on the corner of Fourth and Sycamore in Greenville for over 110 years, and we’ve accumulated quite a few photographs in that time. In addition to excellent local historical and genealogical records, our genealogy department has a bunch of wonderful old photographs of our library from over the years. We post one of these photographs every weekday over at our Tumblr: http://520and4th.tumblr.com/.

Check out some of the photos we’ve recently uploaded at 520 & 4th below, and then head over to subscribe. This is a great resource for old pictures of our beautiful library. Be sure to let any local history buffs know about 520 & 4th!

20141006_143430_001A group of teens at the GPL reference desk in a photo from 1958-59.


An antique automobile sits in front of Carnegie Library (now GPL) in this undated pictures from the 1920s.

Book Sale August 1972

A Greenville Public Library outdoor book sale on Broadway in August, 1972.

Bookmobile Old Color

Greenville Public Library’s second bookmobile.

Library librarians black and white

Two young women look through GPL’s card catalog in an undated photo.

These and many, many more photos are available to be viewed at 520 & 4th, and as stated earlier, we add a new one every weekday. Be sure to subscribe to 520 & 4th so you don’t miss any of these great old photos of our historic libray.  Enjoy!

© David Nilsen 2015

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