PoetryMatters 5

1005131327Our October meeting of PoetryMatters was a small one, but as full of great verses and discussion as ever. Our small group read poems from Rita Dove (Golden Oldie, My Mother Enters the Workforce), Cathryn Essinger (Wonder, Mouse), John Burnside (Neoclassical, Death Room Blues), and Maggie Estep (Emotional Idiot, Scab Maids on Speed). Our discussion followed no central theme, but rather meandered as we enjoyed these very different poems.

PoetryMatters will next meet on Friday, November 20, at 2:00 p.m. at Montage Cafe in downtown Greenville. Attendees may choose to order lunch, enjoy a dessert or appetizer, or just sip a drink while we read aloud. Please come prepared to read at least one published poem (not your own) aloud for the group.

Poetry still matters, perhaps now more than ever. We try to prove it every month when we meet. We’d love to have your help with that at our November meeting. We’ll see you there.

Cover image and illustration taken by David Nilsen at Downing Fruit Farm in October, 2013.


  1. Too bad I live in Colorado, not Greenville, as I would be there. I would surely join the club. I love short verses and write them as well:


    Life is a yo-yo
    I am am the string on which it spins.


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