PoetryMatters 8

DSCF0018Our January meeting of PoetryMatters was small but as spirited as ever. We read poems by Lisel Mueller (“Moon Fishing”), Miriam Vermilya (“Houses” and “Provide, Provide”), Roberta Hill (“Horses In Snow”), and Wendell Berry (“The Peace of Wild Things”). Though group members do not discuss planned poems before each meeting, we often discover a theme ties the poems of any given meeting together, and this time there was threads of environment and habitat, both wild and domestic, as well the tension between contentment and the need for freedom. Our discussion was spirited (we argue sometimes, but don’t let that scare you off–we’re usually laughing while we do it).

PoetryMatters will next meet on Friday, February 19, at 2:00 p.m. at Montage Cafe in downtown Greenville. Attendees are encouraged to order lunch, enjoy a dessert or appetizer, or just sip a drink while we read aloud (we want the eateries we hold our meetings at to appreciate our presence). Please come prepared to read at least one published poem (not your own) aloud for the group.

This group was started with the idea that poetry is as vibrant and necessary today as it ever has been. Winter can slow us down, let our hearts and minds rest and mull things over, which is a good thing. Poetry can aid in that, but it can also invigorate and excite, providing a source of life and energy in these grim, grey months. We’d love to see you at our February meeting, hear a poem that matters to you, and share poems that matter to us. We hope to see you there.

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