Into Deep Water: A Poem by P.T. Tyx

poolBy P.T. Tyx


Old People Swimming in the Shallow End
for Dede, 2016.

It’s not swimming exactly,
It’s more like exercise class in the water.
Less stress on the joints,
You how how that is at our age.
We older folk follow the instructor as we move in fluid motion,
Touching bottom,
With-holding words until the session ends.
Then we politely talk and complain as we exit the YMCA pool and head for the locker room.

Today, there were kids in the pool near us.
Why did they become so noisy?
They showed no respect for our need to concentrate on remaining healthy.
These young people, jumping and splashing,
Laughed and made waves.

Watching their wildness, I wondered,
“When did I decide it served no purpose to
Dive into the deep water?”

P.T. Tyx lives with his wife near Greenville, Ohio.


One comment

  1. Loved the accompanying photo. All that was missing was an old guy in the water looking befuddled amid all the youthful action. However, the sedate adults on the edge of the pool do the trick nicely. One of the niceties of old age is that I am NOT in deep water.


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