The Word for Place: Poetry by Tom Montag

By Tom Montag


Skirting the Marsh

In the margin
between the edge

of this and that
where nothing is

certain, where the
sun stays and the

water goes slow,
where shadow is

light and light shines
out of shadow,

where the lines aren’t
straight and all things

live — there. Where we
find ourselves whole.


On Place

Where we are
is who we are.
Believe it.

What you have
been looking for
is right here.

The word for
place is one of
God’s names.

Tom Montag is the author of In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013. He has been a featured poet at Atticus Review (April, 2015), Contemporary American Voices (August, 2015), Houseboat (April, 2016), and Basil O’Flaherty Review (July, 2016), and received Pushcart Prize nominations from Provo Canyon Review and Blue Heron Review

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