Sycamore & Ivy Poetry Contest Teen Winner: Be Like the Sun by Tessa M. Tyo

Tessa M. Tyo’s winning poem “Be Like the Sun” uses evocative imagery to play with our expectations and show us sometimes our wounds can be as wondrous as our victories.

Tessa is a junior at Versailles High School, and she’s always loved writing. It’s always been a way to make sense of the seeming white noise inside her head because everything somehow makes better sense on paper. Her poetry often deals with nature or struggles she’s encountered throughout my life.

Please join us in congratulating Tessa for this visually sumptuous poem.

Be Like the Sun

look up
the sun did not set today
it was not graceful
it did not dance or slip
or slide peacefully under the horizon
instead it tripped
and stumbled
and fell
the red of its skinned knee
scrawled across the sky
for all to see
and to stop there
would be to only see the hurt

but look up
the irritated ruby
met the previously untainted sapphire blue
and created a shade of violet
that breathed the promise of spring
and new beginnings across the land

look up
remind yourself to be like the sun
and stumble
and fall if you must
but don’t miss the artistry in the aching

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