Anatomy of the night: The poetry of Ariel Tonkel

By Ariel Tonkel



Levitate to shades of lilac.
Delicate knuckles and bruised knee.
Annihilate this second.

Glands restrict inward.
The tighter they get,
The more you are free.

A catalog of breath,
A firm thumb against wrinkled lips.
No hope.
No loss.

Peak over the balcony,
Recognize the last resort.
Never ending concrete laced with honeydew.

Something waits, tugging at its wrists.
Innocence rotting between your legs.
The willow is cut,
Roots remain.

A deep blue sets in.
A pale blue fades.
Gasp for air.
Skip charades.




Glumly trying to protect them.
No one else-
Well maybe one day you will serve a purpose to be noticed.

When everyday is gone,
I find my answers
Right where I left them.

Speechless and shuttering;
Visions of another time,
Blow out my eyes.

I need to rid myself of you.
Yet you slip through my
Fingers every time.

Eases me to where I started.
Switching my lamp on,
Brighter and brighter.
Trying to see something that was never there.



Nightly Relations

So incredibly studious
As I carefully dissect
The anatomy of the night.
A drunken light-
With something missing,
Dancing somewhere between
Gone and present, I stare quietly
The need to interrupt manifests me,
I am screaming to her.
Pressing her sheer face
Against mine.
To glow surrounded by such
Limitless space is quite lovely.

But somehow now,
I cannot recognize her
Reaching shine:
Neither blind
Nor deaf
Yet I remain standing
In the way with
Nothing to exclaim.
The moon,
Immersed in my retaliation-
Only offers desolate eyes.
No more warm fingers
Accompanied by tapping tongue.
So I disappear,
Left her to blossom
Someone else into something red.

Ariel Tonkel is currently a junior in high school in the suburbs of Toledo. She spends her time painting, writing poetry, posting on her blog, and reading. Ariel wants to end up going to school in Chicago and eventually New York City, majoring in Journalism or Creative Writing. She hopes to continue her passion for art into the future as well. For more, check out her blog at

One comment

  1. Ariel Tonkel has a magical way with words. However, as a reader I am frustrated by her work because she beautifully depicts those things that are obvious but she does not reveal the inner truth that lies deeper inside them. Of course, I am a spiritual romantic. It seems to me that many younger poets do not believe there is anything more there than what we can perceive and feel. That may be the sad truth
    , but if so, I would find life quite boring.


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