The measures of a man: The poetry of Zachary Dilks

By Zachary Dilks


Blow The Man Down

I’ve seen the northern lights dance with the moon and the horizon and the sun rise from beneath the waves I’ve sailed
I’ve heard the mortal fright of sailors swooning over sirens as they fought their sunken graves to no avail

I’ve plundered buried treasures from the sands of countless isles and I’ve spent the fortunes time and time again
I’ve wondered what the measures of a man amounts in guile and, if lost, how much the soul will still contend

Of all the wonders gazed upon and all the blunders weighing on this heart as I’ve traversed the ocean blue
They never quite compare to such a swift and salty air; those winds of fair that come and blow me home to you


In My Travels

I saw the moon tonight
Tucked somewhere between your eyes
And I was the tide that twists and pulls at your command
And all the stars were bright
Your freckles painted in autumn skies
So I charted them all to guide me back to land

And I saw the sun today
Just before it had fully set
How it hung in every strand of your hair
I searched for the words to say
Sure as they’d come, I’d quickly forget
And blurred my vision just a bit because I stared

I traveled the world too
As it revolved around your finger
And I bought a couple postcards from the palms
I floated the oceans blue
Tears of the passed troubles that linger
And I saw my own reflection in it’s calm

I saw what the future holds
It sat beating inside your chest
And wrapped snug in a little blanket in your arms
And I heard my fortunes told
How I’d journey through all unrest
To tame the oceans, touch the sun and kiss the stars

Zachary Dilks is a poet/writer living outside of Austin, Texas. He writes essays, short stories, children’s books and classical forms of poetry. After the loss of his first born daughter, he dedicates himself to reach out to others in need through his works.

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