The poetry of Wiley Birkhofer

By Wiley Birkhofer



I sleep with my back
pack on so it can watch
and correct my posture as needed.
It’s also more comfortable than you’d think
and makes me feel comfortable
again like sleeping in the desert.
In a teepee, in the cold,
made from stolen sheets and hotel shampoo.
In the desert, you’re allowed one breath.
In a desert, you’re far from yourself.

Wiley Birkhofer (1987-2014) was a poet, musician, and artist from Menlo Park, CA. He studied English at Stanford and poetry at the graduate writing program at NYU, where he earned his MFA in 2014. Other poems can be found in Split Infinitive, Word Riot, Punchnel’s, Guernica, Wu Wei, LIT and at

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