Falling in love with the world: The poetry of Bradley Samore

By Bradley Samore



When anger comes
go back to the quirks
back to the peculiar

remember what about them opened you
and why you fall into love’s sweet net
time and time again

understand how their imperfections
are knotted with their perfections
the way strength is sometimes stubborn

let the mist of patience cool you
and when the dew has settled
you will see the way back
Forest Dream

Walking in the heart of the woods I noticed
a woman in a tree at the side of the trail

her dark hair moved to the sound of the wind
and her eyes were living the book she read

I wanted to climb to speak and touch
but stayed on the trail and glanced as I went

her sundress white against brown and green
with one leg tucked and the other one free

I looked once more then looked away
to the rest of the trail still lying ahead

uncertain of the moment when dreams end
and the moment reality begins
Falling in Love

In the shade of an oak an old woman smiles as
families admire her field of sunflowers
but no one gets close
because hundreds of bees are weaving through
to drink from the black pool at the center of each

then from his mother’s hand a boy breaks
to run down the rows and she screams
afraid he’ll get stung but he goes on
touching the leaves the furry stalks
he shouts Bees don’t sting me they love me

having raised three sons of her own
the old woman smiles knowing the bees
knowing they are too drunk on nectar
to mind another little boy
falling in love with the world

Bradley Samore currently lives in North Carolina and is a high school English teacher.  His writing has been featured in various publications including West Texas Literary Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and SLAB Literary Magazine.

One comment

  1. BradleySamore is the kind of poet who captures grace with a smile and intimate meaning with a glancing perception. I loved these poems.


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