The poetry of Shalom Galve Aranas


The words are dwindling now
but they will come again
with the purity of silk strewn
through a ring.
I will wait for the words
Because unlike politics
these things have to be
Seen to, with patience
and care like a plant
on mulched sand.



Is It The Devil In Me

The devil in me
says take it.
Take the pen and be master
of your destiny.
I fear the walls are thin
between us
and you can see
my transparent
sinewy motives
like tea stains on
words of old books,
maps, atlases of desert dunes
that hold the key to
fate and destiny, of lovers,
soldiers and the piety
of children who do not know
yet how to hold
a pen.

Shalom Galve Aranas has been published in The Lycan Press, Former People and The Blue Nib for her poems. She will also be published in the Literary Heist. She loves to collect found objects and read paranormal romance.

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