The poetry of Debbie Collins

Upon Waking

The sunshine hurts my head
as I crab out of the bed
and onto the floor

The sheets trail behind me
like a widow’s train
darkling and somber

All I can think about are
the always and never’s
and shouldnt’s and couldn’ts
that litter the floor

You’ve got your back to me
in naked reproach
and your shoulder blades
berate me

I pull the blinds and
ease back into bed
and pull you to me

You don’t resist in your sleep
and I wish it could be so easy
to stay this way

When Debbie isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys letting her dog drag her around her Richmond, Virginia neighborhood.  She also likes to read tiny novels on her tiny phone.  Debbie has been published in Third Wednesday, antinarrative, and The Lake, among others.

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