The poetry of Sunayna Pal

Faces in the carpet

In my beige carpet
I see mute and sad faces
of people I have never met.
Probable reflections
of the state of my somber mind
Which emphasizes failures
more than its opposite
and holds me back
from making friends of strangers.

I keep staring at the carpet
and my expectations rise
along with my hope
of receiving some answers
from the blank faces
about feeling lonely
in this over populated world



Choosing memories

I flip the album
and see the statue
of Merlion in Singapore.
Group of fun loving teenagers
huddled around it.
One particular man –
Tall and aristocratic.
Big side-locks with a full set of dark hair.
Flared pants. Stylish and fashionable.
His smile – genuine and genuine.

I keep the album down
and look at the frame in front of me.
Portrait of the same man.
Still aristocratic and dignified.
Still with thick side-locks but bald.
No smile. Even though I told him too
He didn’t think it was necessary.
Wonder if it would have changed his mind
if he knew this would be his last picture
in the house by which he would be – remembered.

I pick the album again
and flip to another page.
He is trying to drink the water
falling from the lion’s mouth.
He seems jovial and mischievous.
A side I seldom saw in the 27 years
he cared of me

I flip the page again.
He is at a bridge –
The river and the whole city in backdrop
but he is alone with the same genuine smile
I keep looking at the smile

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Sunayna Pal moved to the US after her marriage. A double postgraduate from XLRI and Annamalai University, she worked in the corporate world for five odd years before opting out to embark on her heart’s pursuits – Raising funds for NGOs by selling quilled art and became a certified handwriting analyst. Now, a new mother, she devotes all her free time to writing and Heartfulness. Dozens of her articles and poems have been published and she is a proud contributor of many international anthologies. Her name has recently appeared in “Subterranean Blue Poetry,” “Cecile’s Writers” and “Poetry Super highway.” She is part of an anthology that is about to break the Guinness world of records. Know more on

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