The poetry of Ryn Holmes

West Texas Falling

Two nocturnal animals
stalled out on a gravel road,
yellow headlights
barely breaking night’s violence.
Just visible at dirt’s edge,
a few defeated plants –
skeletal and sharp.
It feels like

His face is limned by shadow,
one shimmery sleeve of stiff white cloth
catching a bit of reflection
off an inadequate moon.

Words leak out of the dark,
I don’t know and I don’t give a shit, either.

It’s something to do with the weather.

An award-winning poet and photographer, Ryn Holmes originated from California (Southern and Northern) and now resides along the Gulf Coast of Florida as a partner in K & K  Writing Services and co-editor of Panoply, a literary zine. Over the years, her photos and poems have appeared in a variety of journals.

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