The poetry of John Herlihy

Night Seems Forever

The night seems forever,
Until first light will arrive.
The night’s heart will sever,
No longer a place to hide.
The morn takes precedence,
The dawn steals itself away.
Night departs with reluctance,
As the light of day holds sway.
Morning gives way to afternoon,
A mischievous cat on the prowl.
With a sense of doom and gloom,
Some days a sigh, others a snarl.
As twilight arrives, then and ever,
The night will return, as if forever.

John Herlihy, an American essayist and poet, was born and grew up in Boston. He has published collections of non-fiction essays, in depth travel essays, and five books of poetry. His most recent collection  entitled Simply Sonnets, is now available in the market. He currently works as a professor of academic writing at Doha University in Qatar.


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