The poetry of Kyle Laws

Pink House                                                                                       

The attic is a whole other house closed off except by inside stairs,
a cathedral surrounded by bedrooms with peeling wallpaper.

I go there at night to figure out why it was abandoned,
climb narrow, twisted stairs, hoist myself onto planks,

joists so old they are blackened, held together with pegs.
There is an escape hatch to the slope of one of the gables.

Either this house was on the Underground Railroad
or I want it to be, pink siding bright, a beacon as the lighthouse

rounds the point and craft make their way between shoals
with cargo bound for Philadelphia.

The pink house was built before the attic of recurring dreams,
door hard to open even with the caretaker’s key.

Kyle Laws is based out of the Arts Alliance Studios Community in Pueblo, CO where she directs Line/Circle: Women Poets in Performance. Her collections include Ride the Pink Horse (Stubborn Mule Press), Faces of Fishing Creek(Middle Creek Publishing), So Bright to Blind (Five Oaks Press), and Wildwood (Lummox Press). With six nominations for a Pushcart Prize, her poems and essays have appeared in magazines and anthologies in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and France. Granted residencies in poetry from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, she is one of eight members of the Boiler House Poets who perform and study at the museum. She is the editor and publisher of Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press.

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