The poetry of James G. Piatt

Someone In My Memories

I sit and watch memories fade from my
window’s view of the old sycamore tree,
standing tall and reaching for sky. I see
shadows flickering across the flowers in
the garden like traces of black and
yellow butterfly wings fluttering in the
breeze, like an old light bulb in its last
struggle for brightness, and like the
interplay between silence and noise. I
feel a melancholy coming over me, like
the incoming tide on a sandy beach, and
I pause within the stillness of age, as
dreams pass me by on their way to
transformation as the creation of a
moment of wonder is born. I bow down
with a mind weighed down by the
heaviness of breath, as the dimness of
light entering my clouded eyes faintly
lightens thoughts lingering in my head
that are trying to watch a brush coloring
the tedious hour of the day.  And where
is that crooked sidewalk, leading to my
old house, sided by cedars seeming to
pray, and moments that carried me
inside to bowls of red apples, and black
figs wafting delicious fragrances into the
vacant space surrounding an old pine
table with white chairs. A faint vision of a
beautiful elderly lady wearing an apron,
and staring at eternity appears. She
seemed to have waiting for this softer
hour to come again, and as the
whispering memory of the vision
becomes clearer, I recognize who it is,
and weep.

*First published on Page & Spine

James G. Piatt lives with his wife Sandy in an 1800s replica of an eastern farm house, in the foothills of Santa Ynez, California. He is the author of four collections of poetry, “Solace Between the Lines,” (2019), “Light” (2016), “Ancient Rhythms,” (2014),” and “The Silent Pond,” (2012). He has had over 1,400 poems, four novels, seven essays, and thirty-five short stories published in over 200 different national and international, books, anthologies, and magazines, including Fourth & Sycamore. He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU. A review of his newest collection of poems, “Solace Between the Lines,” can be found on

One comment

  1. James Piatt’s word images are well-crafted and lead to a poignant moment when the softer hour allows a memory to step from the past back into the poet’s heart.


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