The poetry of Peggy Carter

Where can I go

where can I hide
everything’s crazy
that includes
the world’s going
to burn
and I have the match

should I strike

everything hurts

we’re all enemies
nobody’s safe
the air is toxic
the water too
I can’t breathe

when will it end
and how
the climate will
kill us

this is my song
I sang it myself

where can I go





The Heart of Paris

burns tonight
the flames weep
they consume
its soul

crowds dumb struck
they stare as
history blazes out
across world’s stage
their proud history
all the beauty
the struggle
the longing
for freedom
dying in consuming fire
ever hungry to bring down
the beauty
of our mother
her soul
her story
her wisdom

what is left
the ribs and walls
the cantilevered joints

the rose windows

these alone remain
in the survival of the

heart of paris

Peggy Carter has been writing for a number of years; her life experiences supply her with topics. She has been published in Decanto, The Stray Branch, Red Fez, the Black Poppy Review, plus several anthologies. She is a retired nurse, wife, mother, and now grandmother. Writing has enlarged her view of the world, and of so much inside it.

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