What do Mouse Deers eat?

They always live close to water and prefer to be in the undergrowth of dense forests. They create small trails through the thick brush of the forest as they travel. In the wild, larger Malay mousedeer eat a diet of fallen fruit and berries, aquatic plants, leaves, buds, shrubs and grasses.

What species is a mouse deer?

Chevrotain, (family Tragulidae), also called mouse deer, any of about 10 species of small, delicately built, hoofed mammals that constitute the family Tragulidae (order Artiodactyla).

How big can a mouse deer get?

Java mouse-deer: 1.7 ft.

Greater mouse-deer: 1.8 ft.

Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain: 1.8 ft.

Are mouse deer related to deer?


Are mouse deer rare?

Mouse deer share a suborder with deer (Ruminantia) but are not considered “true deer.” They have their own family, Tragulidae.

Are mouse deers smart?

“But, while this new arrival may be small in stature, it’s big in terms of importance. It’s the very first time the animal has been bred in the UK and to break new ground like this with a mammal species is really quite rare. “The Philippine Mouse Deer is an endangered species.

Can mouse deer swim?

There are two species of mouse deer found in Sabangau – the greater mouse deer (Tragulus napu) and the lesser mouse deer (Tragulus kanchil). In local folklore the mouse deer is depicted as being very clever.

Is the mouse deer extinct?

This semi-arboreal species climbs well, can swim, and may forage in shallow water. The usual means of locomotion is walking or running, but when pursued, deer mice leap.

How did the mouse deer get the crocodile to let go of the buffalo’s leg?

Chevrotain/Extinction status

What is the message of the story the clever mouse deer?

The mouse deer was passing by and saw the buffalo’s leg in the mouth of the crocodile. “He is telling the truth, Mr Mouse Deer,” added the crocodile. The mouse deer replied, “I will only believe in your strength, Mr Buffalo, if I see you lift the log.” The mouse deer then asked the crocodile to free the buffalo’s leg.

What is the moral value of the story mouse deer and crocodile?

The moral of the story is, we should not be ungrateful to those who help us.

What is the prediction of the story the mouse deer and the crocodile?

After that, the mouse deer thanked the crocodiles because they helped him crossed the river safely. Moral value: Think smart, if there is a will there is way. There will be something that keeps you away from what you want, but don’t give up.

What is outwitting a crocodile all about?

Mouse Deer didn’t want Crocodile to eat him first! Then, Mouse Deer had anidea. He called out, “Hey Crocodile!”, “The King wants to know the number ofcrocodiles in this river.”, “You must line up from this side of the river to the otherside.” So, all the crocodiles line up in a row for the Mouse Deer to count them.

What was the name of the crocodile in the story outwitting a crocodile?

Sang Kancil, an intelligent mouse-deer was known for his cunning and wit. Several times he outwitted the big, bad crocodile, Sang Buaya. Sang Kancil’s home was full of trees and food and so Sang Kancil had no trouble finding food when he was hungry.