What are the characteristics of protons neutrons and electrons?

As summarized in Table 2.1, protons are positively charged, neutrons are uncharged and electrons are negatively charged. The negative charge of one electron balances the positive charge of one proton. Both protons and neutrons have a mass of 1, while electrons have almost no mass.

What are three characteristics of electrons?

What are the Characteristics of Electron, Proton and Neutron
  • Mass of an electron : The mass of an electron is about of the mass of hydrogen atom. Since the mass of a hydrogen atom is 1 u.
  • Charge of an electron : The absolute charge on an electron is 1.6 × 1019 coulomb of negative charge. The relative charge of an electron is, – 1.

What is the role of each subatomic particle?

Protons, neutrons and electrons make up the subatomic particles of an atom. The three subatomic particles determine the overall charge of an atom, the chemical characteristics it can possess and its physical properties.