Which is better gasoline or diesel?

Diesel fuel simply packs more energy in every gallon than gas fuel, which makes it more economical overall. Diesel engines are still more efficient than gas engines, but less so for those who are mostly engaged in city driving. For most U.S. consumers, diesel fuel and gas fuel cost about the same.

Why do trucks use diesel instead of gasoline?

Diesel fuel is more efficient. Example: 125,000 BTUs of energy are produced by gas while 147,000 BTUs of energy are produced by diesel products. Compared to gas, overall, diesel produces more energy than gas for every drop used.

Why don t all cars use diesel?

But just as there is a higher tax rate on diesel than there is on gasoline, the emissions standards for diesel engines are considerably higher than those for gasoline engines. That makes manufacturing diesel engines expensive. U.S. car manufacturers could produce diesel engines and pass the costs off to the customer.

Why do diesels last longer?

Diesel engines do last longer than petrol ones. Diesel is a light oil and when burned and used as fuel by the vehicle it lubricates the parts of the engine. This prolongs the life of the engine. This is partly because of the intricate fuel pump which is expensive to repair or replace.

Will a little gas hurt a diesel engine?

Let’s say you accidentally drop a small amount of gasoline into your diesel fuel. This means the diesel fuel will prematurely ignite in the diesel engine, which can lead to engine damage. Gasoline contamination can also damage the fuel pump and mess up diesel injectors. This happens because of a drop in lubrication.

How many miles will a 6.5 diesel last?

Registered. 6.2/6.5 Life expectancy is about 300-400K with many being replaced before 100K (catastrophic failure, not wearing out) and a few at 500K, even 750K+.

What year is the best 6.5 Diesel?

The 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine option first became available in GM’s 1992 model year 2500/3500 series pickup trucks. Looking back, we now know that the 1992 & 93 model years were the best years for the 6.5L in terms of performance, customer satisfaction and sales volume.

Is 300 000 miles on a diesel a lot?

Even when used extensively for towing and hauling, Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax diesel trucks typically last well beyond 100,000 miles. Because of that, it’s not uncommon to see diesel pickups with 200,000 and even 300,000 miles commanding good resale values on the used truck market.

Are 6.5 diesels any good?

A 6.5 can be a good truck, if you do some work and accept it’s limitations. It’s a light duty diesel made for MPG. You can work it (towing) but it’s not intended for full time commercial use. It will do it, but you’re taking life off it every time.

How much HP can a 6.5 diesel handle?

The 6.5 was designed to withstand (reliably) about 200 shaft HP.

How much boost can a stock 6.5 diesel handle?

If you are looking for what is a safe boost level, a stock 6.5 can handle 20psi of boost.

Is 6.2 or 6.5 diesel better?

A 6.2 will get better fuel economy and is a stronger engine than the 6.5 but stock will have less power. 6.5 will be easier to come buy as a complete engine including the turbo.

How long will a 6.2 diesel last?

If you treat your truck right and routinely service it, your 6.2-liter will last up to 500,000 miles.

Is the 6.5 a Detroit Diesel?

The 6.5L Detroit (GM) diesel represents an evolution of the earlier 6.2L. GM began rolling out the 6.5 for the 1992 model year, and it altogether replaced the 6.2 following the 1993 model year.

How much boost can a 6.2 diesel handle?

New member. I’ve searched a little (not a lot, don’t eliminate me), and from what I have read, the max boost on a 6.2, safely, is 10 psi.

Can you turbo a 6.2 diesel?

Rebuilding For Power

Rebuilding the 6.2L diesel is a comparatively cheap way to have reliable and capable diesel power. Instead of paying $6,500 for a crate 6.5L short-block, you can rebuild a 6.2L and kit it with a Banks turbo for about $4,500.

Is the 6.2 diesel a good engine?

In all honesty, this 6.2L diesel has been the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned. In stock form, the 6.2L is pretty gutless, but very reliable. You have to remember, it was designed for fuel economy, not power. However, they can be made to pull.

Is a 6.2 liter engine a big block?

The 6.2 liter LS3 V8 engine is currently produced by Chevrolet Performance as a crate engine, offering a peak output of 430 horsepower at 5900 RPM.

GM 6.2 Liter V8 Small Block LS3 Engine.

Type: 6.2L Gen IV V8 Small Block
Displacement: 6162cc (376.0 ci)
Compression ratio: 10.7:1
Valve configuration: Overhead valves
Valves per cylinder: 2

Is a 6.2 diesel a big block?

If torque or towing was a primary concern, GMC/Chevrolet pickups could be ordered with a burly big block. The naturally aspirated 6.2L lived up to its expectations as a fuel sipper.

6.2L GM Diesel Specs.

Manufacturer: Detroit Diesel ( a division of General Motors at time of inception)
Nominal Dimensions: Height: 27.4 in