What is a derived quantity give three examples?

Derived quantities are quantities that are calculated from two or more measurements. Many derived quantities are calculated in physical science. Three examples are area, volume, and density.

How many derived quantities are there?

For convenience, certain coherent derived units have been given special names and symbols. There are 22 such units (see Table below).

Derived units with special names and symbols.

Derived quantity energy, work, amount of heat
SI coherent derived unit joule
N m
m2 kg s2

What is a derived unit list an example?

Examples of derived quantities and units
Name Symbol Expression in terms of SI base units
joule per square metre J/m2 kg⋅s2
kilogram square metre kg⋅m2 m2⋅kg
newton metre second per kilogram N⋅m⋅s/kg m2⋅s1
watt per steradian W/sr m2⋅kg⋅s3

What are the examples for basic units and derived units?

The SI derived units for these derived quantities are obtained from these equations and the seven SI base units.

Basic and Derived Units.

Derived Quantity Name Expression in terms of SI units
pressure pascal m-1·kg·s-2
energy, work joule (J) N-m m2·kg·s-2
electric potential volt (V) m2·kg·s-3·A-1
current density ampere per square meter A/m-2