Americano is one of the most popular coffee drinks in North American. People in the United States and Canada love Americano because it is easy and simple to make. If you want to make Americano at home, this article is for you.

What is an Americano?

In general, an Americano is similar to espresso with a double or triple shot. It contains more hot water than the regular espresso. Remember, an Americano is a diluted espresso shot. Americano came from Italy, and back in days, people who couldn’t handle strong espresso would dilute it with the addition of water.

The Italians gave the name Americano to the diluted espresso shot because the American soldiers came up with the idea. Anyway, the coffee drink is widely popular in North America and other regions of the world. People like to drink Americano because it is simple to make and easy to drink.

How to make an Americano

It is easy to make an Americano at home. The process is simple, and there is no complication, even for beginners. Some people think it is challenging to make an Americano at home.

That’s why they buy the drink in coffee shops, which is quite expensive if you drink it regularly or daily. We will tell you how to make an Americano step-by-step so that you can save some money and enjoy the drink daily.

Before we tell you the step-by-step procedure, it is important to know about the things you would need to make Americano at home. So, you need an espresso machine, hot water, coffee mug or cup, freshly ground coffee or beans, burr grinder, and kitchen scale.

You may think these are a lot of items. However, to make a great espresso shot, you will have to ensure the availability of these things. If you have K-cups at home, then you don’t need items like a grinder, kitchen scale, and beans.

Espresso Machine

You will need an espresso machine to make a perfect Americano. There are many types of espresso machines available on the market. You can buy a larger machine or a smaller one as this is completely your personal preference.

However, there are differences between the larger and smaller machines. A larger espresso machine has more dials and tweaks. Since you have more options, you can make a perfect coffee. On the other hand, smaller espresso machines are simple pods and do not comes with a lot of customization options.

If you love espresso, we recommend getting a larger machine. Although it will take a lot of counter space, when it comes to the flavor, you can’t deny it. Also, using a larger machine, you can pull a perfect shot. Your coffee will surely satisfy your taste.

Burr Grinder

Some people do not have grinders at home. Others have blade grinders. Making an Americano requires you to have a burr grinder. It is a tool or machine that provides different size settings.

Make sure you choose a one that has a larger hopper to load the coffee beans. We recommend getting a burr grinder that can hold up to 340 g or 0.75 pounds of coffee beans at a time.

Choosing a larger burr grinder allows you to grind a lot of coffee. However, experts recommend grinding enough for a few days at a time. The purpose is to get fresh coffee.

Kitchen Scale

You need a kitchen scale to accurately measure the coffee beans you need to make an Americano. Having the right scale means you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Guesswork is not an option when it comes to making an Americano.

Make sure you choose a kitchen scale that comes with a digital screen. It enables you to make correct measurements. Remember, a kitchen scale is just for measuring the coffee. It has no other significant role in the making of the Americano.

So, let us now talk about making an Americano coffee step-by-step. Make sure you follow each step carefully. Continue reading!

Step 1

First, you need to turn “ON” your espresso machine and let it heat up. It is essential to leave it for 15 minutes in case the device is a bit cold.  Now, turn on your electronic kitchen scale and measure 15-20 g of coffee beans.

We think 15 g is enough for using a double shot of espresso. You will need 20 grams if you want to use a triple shot. However, for this, you need a large portafilter. Now, add the coffee beans to the grinder.

You must grind the coffee beans on the lowest setting. It is because you want fine and powdery coffee. Admittedly, it is a bit time consuming, and you will need at least 5-10 minutes to do it properly.

Step 2

After you have powdered the beans, the next step is to measure it again. The purpose is to get the right amount for your double or triple shot. Set coffee aside and rinse the wand. You can use it to warm up the empty cup. It is essential because you will use the cup for espresso brewing.

Also, you will have to pour the espresso into the water. Therefore, you need to ensure both the mug and the cup are warm. You have completed the first step. Now, let us move to the next step of making an Americano.

Step 3:

After your espresso machine is hot, you need to take out the portafilter. Once done, you have to dry the device and clean it properly. Next, add the ground coffee in your espresso machine. Make sure you apply gentle pressure but do not push too hard. Again, the purpose is to get a perfect espresso shot.

Make sure you use a portafilter, which allows you to serve a double coffee. The good news is that you can also use a portafilter for a triple espresso shot. The espresso machine can pull the double and triple shot in the same amount of time. Although it is a standard shot, it is a bit stronger.

Step 4:

Pull the espresso shot for about 30 seconds. Remember, pulling the shot primarily depends on the speed and pressure of the espresso machine and the hot water in it. Your espresso shot will end up in the warm empty cup.

Step 5

The amount of water you want to add to your espresso shot is your personal preference. Typically, experts recommend adding double the amount of water. For example, if a double shot is one oz. per 30 ml, then you will have to add two oz. per 60 ml of hot water. However, if you want to add more water, go ahead and do it. The dilution of the Americano is up to you.

Make sure you add your espresso to the hot water. The purpose is to avoid accidentally scalding your espresso in case the water is too hot. Doing so also allows for a smoother mix between the water and the espresso because it tampers with the water. You have finally made an Americano.

Final Words

Americano is one of the best coffee drinks you can have at home. Not only is it delicious, but it is also rich with essential nutrients that will boost your brain without compromising the health of your stomach. It is because the Americano contains double the amount of water than a regular espresso shot. Making an Americano at home is an easy process. We have already explained the process in five easy steps.