So you found yourself daydreaming about how to get this Aquarius man to date you. An Aquarius man might be intimidating at first look but don’t get discouraged. With the right approach you can get him to notice you in no time.

Aquarius men might all seem just about fun and flings, but when he finds the right woman to stick with he would be more than willing to turn the relationship into something serious. Here’s how you can increase your odds to attract an Aquarius man.

Attracting an Aquarius Man

  1. Be ready to SOCIALIZE

You see, an Aquarius man is a people type of person. He likes being around with people, hanging out and having fun. You’re sure to find him in events, gatherings or locations that encourage socializing after a tiring day at work.

Once you spot him somewhere, be ready to swoon him with your friendly approach. Do not come off too cocky or overly confident but do it naturally using your charm. If you don’t feel like approaching him, get him to approach you by being naturally happy in your element while hanging out with your friends. He’ll surely find you to be interesting to hang out with.

  1. Be a woman with ethics.

Aquarius men care highly about ethics and morals. They don’t like anything opposite from it like being rude, impatient, disrespectful and boastful. If you’re trying to win the heart of an Aquarius man, show him that you are not only have a colorful personality but as well as having good morals.

The biggest turn on for an Aquarius man is when they know that the woman he’s interested in has the same ethical values as him. He would immediately feel a sense of connection and attraction to you once he finds out you’re a good kind. Show it off by standing your ground on what you believe is right. Aquarius men like testing their women, so be ready to not be swayed when he challenges your beliefs.

  1. Do not reveal everything about you.

It’s a bit normal for some women to reveal or share most about themselves to a person that they’re interested with. It makes sense because you’re just trying to let them know who you really are and where you come from. But with an Aquarius man, they like taking their time. They like having a sense of suspense, mystery and excitement to slowly unfold what’s all about the person they’re interested in.

To keep him on the hook, try teasing him with information that you will not share immediately. This will surely keep him tailing you to figure you out in his own mind, especially if it’s something about he’s really curious about. Give him a sense of thrill so he would work hard to get to know you more. This can mean more date nights and a higher opportunity to start a budding romance.

  1. Accept him and don’t put too much pressure.

Aquarius men can be stubborn at times but that’s the way they are. They won’t change themselves for the person they like. For them, it’s not how it works. He likes to be accepted to who he is because he will also accept you for who you are. Once the love grows stronger and deeper, he can be motivated later on to improve himself for your relationship.

Make sure to not put too much pressure on him to make your relationship too attached. At first, they like to go with the flow and enjoy their own space. So don’t be surprised once you start in a relationship together and he still hasn’t asked you to move in with him. This is normal and it takes time for him to welcome someone in his protected personal space.

  1. You might want to make the first move.

Due to the fact that an Aquarius man likes being social, he can be exposed to too many people. That means the competition level is at stake here, you might not be the only one vying for his attention. Before you’re completely forgotten, make your first move and be sincere in getting to know him.

Once you have his attention, show subtle signs that you’re interested in him and that you want to know when you can see him again. Aquarius men like women who are straightforward but respectful in a way. They seem to appreciate the effort when a woman makes the first move.

  1. Aquarius man likes an empathic woman.

We know that date nights are all about having fun and showing love to the other person. But oftentimes for Aquarius men, they use it as an outlet to air out their stress and problems to you. If he starts sharing up to you, then consider yourself lucky. He is now starting to get comfortable with you.

When he shares his problems to you, be sure to have your ears ready to listen and let him talk it out. Do not offer advice if he doesn’t ask you to. Sometimes he doesn’t really need advice, he just needs someone to talk to. Make sure you’re ready to show sincere empathy and comfort him when he needs it.

  1. Dress decently and presentable.

Do you remember about the ethical values? As part of Aquarius men honoring much about ethics, that includes for a woman to be decent at carrying herself. Their biggest turn off is for a woman to dress flirty or too revealing. They see this as a sign that a woman is not only trying to attract them but other men as well.

When going out for a date, make sure you show enough skin to tease him a little bit. Don’t look trashy but classy enough to impress him. Show him your real style without having to look too flirty or overly sexy. This way he’ll want to take you out more to see you look beautiful just the way you are.

  1. Be ready to shop for unique gifts.

As unique is their personality, so does their taste. Aquarius men like receiving gifts that are out of this world or stuff that is so uncommon to use. This can be a challenging part but you might end up enjoying shopping for him. They find it boring to receive common or practical gifts that they know they can provide for themselves.

Step it up and make him feel extra special by giving them unique gifts to enjoy. They will truly appreciate the detail and effort you took to find the gift to make special occasions more memorable. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t matter to him.

  1. Let him have fun.

And last but not the least, let him have his freedom. Just because you ended up dating doesn’t mean his life will change because of you. Let him spend time with his family and friends or even chase for his dreams.

He’ll notice how you support him and he’ll surely level up your relationship without you expecting. Don’t be too controlling and enjoy your time with him. Grow with him and make him fall for you as well by letting him bloom his own way.

We hope that these tips will help you catch the heart of your Aquarius man. Remember, still be yourself and do not turn into somebody you’re not just to get a person to fall in love with you.