How do I become an authorized 3M Distributor?

Become a 3M Window Film Dealer

If you would like to contact 3M by phone, please call 1-866-499-8857. Thank you for your interest in becoming a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer! Please fill out the form below and the appropriate sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

How do you become an official supplier?

There are three main ways to become an authorized distributor.
  1. Buy an existing business. Do thorough research before buying a company.
  2. Start from scratch. You do not have to rely on an existing owner’s reputation.
  3. Buy into an existing opportunity.

Does 3M sell direct?

Select Your Country |3M Supplier Direct. At 3M, we discover and innovate in nearly every industry to help solve problems around the world.

What are the 3 m in 3M?

(FORTUNE Small Business) – “3M” comes from “Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing,” but those three M’s might better stand for Mistake = Magic = Money.

How do I find an authorized 3M Distributor?

Find a Distributor
  1. North and East. Vedant Synergy Pvt. Ltd. 38, Hathroi Fort, Jaipur – 302001. Tel: 01414041888. Mobile : (91) 9413348028. Website : Email :
  2. South and West. Gras Impex Pvt. Ltd. 114-Shivai Industrial Estate. Behind McDonald’s. 89-Andheri Kurla Road. Saki Naka. Mumbai 400072.

Where can I buy 3M abrasives?

3M Abrasives Purchasing Information
  • Shop at Amazon.
  • Shop at Pack-n-Tape.
  • Shop at Zoro.

Does Canada supply 3M with pulp?

The prime minister noted that Canada supplies the U.S. with many products, including pulp for masks, test kits and gloves and Canadian nurses also work in the United States. Sampson wouldn’t reveal who Harmac’s customer is in the U.S., but did say it was not 3M.

How do I create a 3M account?

Go to
  1. Click the Sign Up link.
  2. On the Create Account page, fill in your email address and name.