Where is the villain base in Mad City?

The Villain Lair is located inside of the volcano and can be accessed through a door at its foundation.

How do I become a super villain?

Becoming a super villain takes more than a sociopathic urge to take over the world and a narcissistic need for acceptance, it takes resources.
  1. Buy an island.
  2. Build an evil super base.
  3. Hire some henchmen.
  4. Hire an accountant.
  5. Build a death machine.
  6. Threaten world leaders with ridiculous demands on every channel.
  7. Get some sleep.

What does Raven do in Mad City?

Raven’s ability is to rapidly fire dark purple orbs otherwise referred to as Darkness. Darkness has 40 capacity and deals 10 damage per shot. When sprinting, a shrill bird’s call can be heard as Raven turns into a purple flame, heightening the player’s jump and increasing their speed.

How do you rob the plane in Mad City?

What is the fastest way to get money in Mad City?

Is plane or scout better in Mad City?

Fandom. Which is faster, Plane or Scout? They are of the same speed. The Scout can hover, and the plane seats more.