Where do I get a plane in Mad City?

and can be found at the Airport, along with the Buzzard, Scout, Warhawk, Falcon, Cobra, and Nighthawk. The Plane can be customized using the helipad on the garage. Like almost every other aerial vehicle, the Plane can only be customized with a skin and a window color.

How do you do the plane in Mad City heist?

Is plane or scout better in Mad City?

Fandom. Which is faster, Plane or Scout? They are of the same speed. The Scout can hover, and the plane seats more.

Can you still get the badge in Mad City?

April 28th, 2020: Badges are no longer obtainable.

How do you get free cars in Mad City?

Where is the key to open the secret crate in Mad City?

To obtain the key, a fuse should have been inserted into the second and fifth fuse slots inside the Cargo Plane, after which a shutter sound would have been heard and a compartment could have been interacted with by holding down ā€œEā€ in order to obtain the key.