Is it easy to cancel Billie?

Canceling your Billie subscription—believe it or not—is even easier than ordering. You’ll click two buttons, briefly explain why you no longer want the service, and then receive an email confirmation that your next order won’t ship.

How long does a Billie razor last?

To get started, you’ll choose your favorite handle color and how often you’d like to receive the replacement cartridges. If you shave every day, Billie will deliver once a month; a few times a week, every two months; and once a week, every three months. You can change this frequency at any point later.

Are Billie razors really that good?

Billie was born to give women a great shave.” “I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time and this month I finally got one. It’s the best razor I’ve ever used. I got the shaving cream, too, and it smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft.”

Can you order Billie without subscription?

There is no subscription service: when you run out of razors, you can purchase a 4-pack for $9, an 8-pack for $16, or a 16-pack for $30. Cartridges contain five blades. Pros: No “pink tax.” You can purchase handles and razor without buying a starter kit.

Is Billie or Athena better?

In terms of packaging, I liked Athena Club more because it had a more luxury feel. In terms of the handle and design, I loved Athena Club. Again, it just had a more luxury vibe and the design is more modern with clean lines. In terms of the blade, I LOVE the Billie blade.

Can you cancel Billie at any time?

Visitors may cancel their Recurring Subscriptions at any time by emailing us at Billie reserves the right to change or discontinue Recurring Subscriptions at our discretion.

Do you need shaving cream with Billie razors?

Billie’s razor blades are encased with charcoal shave soap, which means you don’t need shaving cream.

Is Billie razor sustainable?

BILLIE RAZORS are a simple, sustainable, subscription-based razor company that offer sleek & effective razors for shaving!

How do you clean a Billie razor?

Soak your razor in a solution of either bleach and water or vinegar and water (don’t mix bleach and vinegar together, it creates a chemical reaction that produces dangerous fumes) for 5 to 10 minutes. If using bleach, dilute a teaspoon in four cups of water; vinegar can be mixed in equal parts with the water.

How often should you shave your vag?

How often you shave you shave your pubic area depends on how close of a shave you’re after. Dr. Kihczak says a close shave typically lasts one or two days and requires upkeep every two to three days.

How often should I change my Billie razor?

How often should I change my blade? For a tip-top shave every time, we recommend replacing your blade every 7 shaves. (Don’t forget to store your razor on our magnetic holder in between shaves!)

Why does my razor smell?

Electric razors can develop musty smells. This generally comes from mold and mildew developing in the blades or in the actual mechanism. Mold and mildew form wherever there is excess water. Or store the razor in a closet outside your moist bathroom.

How do I stop my razors from smelling?

They need to be stored dry (low humidity), cool, with moving air around them ie: not stagnant air, And maybe in sunlight would be best. OK, so no one has that. After they dry out completely if you have room in the freezer that should work. Then just wash each one before using it.

How do you clean a stinky razor?

Can you wash razor heads?

Apply a bit of water to the shaving head, then pour a few drops of liquid soap over the foils/combs. You can use hand soap, dish wash soap or even some shower gel.

Can I clean my razor with alcohol?

Disinfecting your razor blade with rubbing alcohol will help sterilize and clean the blade of oils and grime. Using rubbing alcohol on your razor blade will also reduce your risk of infection. After you rinse your razor blade with rubbing alcohol, give it a shake and hang it up to dry.

Can you clean a razor with hydrogen peroxide?

It’s okay to soak an entire shaving razor in the alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution. This will eat away at dried gunk around the handle and base of the blades, effectively cleaning it all over.

How do you sanitize a safety razor?

If you live in a hard water area the secret to keeping your razor clean is to clean it at least weekly. If you leave your razor uncleaned for more than a week you may need to soak the razor overnight in a 3 parts to one, part vinegar and water solution to remove the white build up or in Barbicide Disinfectant.

Can you clean your razor with hand sanitizer?

Your on-the-go hand sanitizer can serve double-duty on ingrown hairs from shaving, as well as ingrown toenails. Rub the sanitizer on the skin in the affected area to disinfect it and eliminate the bacteria that causes the inflammation.