How do I cancel my Microsoft Office 365 subscription?

You can cancel your subscription online, and here’s what you need to do:
  1. Go to your account page and log in.
  2. Locate the “Services and Subscriptions” section, and find your subscription.
  3. Hit “Manage.”
  4. Hit “Cancel.”
  5. When the popup box appears, hit “Confirm Cancellation.”

Can I cancel Office 365 at any time?

Eligibility: If you have fewer than 25 licenses assigned to users, you can cancel your Microsoft 365 for business trial or paid subscription online in the Microsoft 365 admin center at any time. If you have more than 25 licenses assigned to users, reduce it to less than 25 or call support to cancel your subscription.

How do I stop Microsoft from charging my card?

On the Services & subscriptions page, locate your Microsoft 365 subscription and then select Manage. Do one of the following: If you see a Turn off recurring billing link, choose it to turn recurring billing off. If you see a Cancel link, choose it to cancel the subscription.

How do I cancel my Office 365 subscription and get a refund?

Get a Refund (Maybe)

Otherwise, you and your monthly or annual fee are committed to Office 365 for the remainder of your subscription. If you want to try to cancel, go back to the Services & subscriptions page and click on the “Cancel” link. (You may not see the link to cancel unless auto-renewal is turned on.)

What happens if you cancel Office 365?

If you cancel your monthly subscription, it is disabled immediately (at the date of cancellation). This means your users lose access to the Microsoft 365 assets immediately and only admins have access to the data for the next 90 days.

How do I get my money back from Microsoft?

To get a refund, you must visit the Microsoft account website with your web browser and navigate to Payment & Billing > Order History. Then, select the app or game and select “Request a refund.”

Can I get a refund on Microsoft Office 365?

If you purchased your Office 365 subscription from Microsoft or a reseller other than Apple, you can cancel and receive a prorated refund of any unused remaining days between the date of cancellation and the date your subscription ends. Trials and free subscriptions are not eligible for a refund.

How do I cancel a Microsoft refund?

If you requested a refund, you should have gotten an email with a reference number. Just reply back to the email with the reference number included and explain that you would like to cancel the refund request.

How do I get a refund from Office 365?

Requesting a Microsoft Office 365 Refund Over the Phone
  1. Dial 1-844-386-8965.
  2. Ask to speak to a representative.
  3. Explain your situation and why you want a refund for Office 365.

Is Microsoft Office refundable?

Software applications, such as Windows OS, Microsoft Office that you purchased from Microsoft Store online may be eligible for return and exchange or refund. Note that the refund is subject for approval and may take several days for the process to be completed.

Can you cancel a Microsoft Office subscription?

Go to Services & subscriptions and sign in with the Microsoft account you used to purchase your subscription. Find your subscription and select Manage. On the next page, select Cancel or Upgrade or Cancel, depending on your subscription type.