Can you get a refund from Sun Tan City?

When you‘re ready to get back to tanning, just go back to your account dashboard and “unfreeze” your account. You‘ll pay the prorated amount for the rest of the month, and the freeze payments you made will be credited back toward your Sun Tan City account. You‘ll get right back to tanning just as you had before.

How much is an instant membership at Sun Tan City?

Sun Tan City Prices
service prices
Commitment $39.99
Annual $599.99
Instant Sunbeds
Single Visit $35.00

What is the commitment plan at Sun Tan City?

Sun Tan City Prices
Item Price
Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Fast Sunbeds) $24.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Fast Sunbeds) $14.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Fast Sunbeds) $199.99
Single Visit Price (Fast Sunbeds) $9.00

How much does it cost to upgrade at Sun Tan City?

Likewise, how much are upgrades at Sun Tan City? If you’re interested in Sunless upgrades, you can Purchase $50 in upgrades and —get $25 FREE! Sunless members: Sunless members may also purchase $50 in Sunless upgrades— this month and get $50 FREE!

How much does Sun Tan City cost?

Item Price
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Sunless Booths) $599.99
May 2, 2021

Does Sun Tan City do teeth whitening?

That’s why many Sun Tan City salons offer teeth whitening services from BleachBright. At home or in the salon, you’ll be amazed at the difference 20 minutes makes, as your teeth transform from 2-8 shades whiter, guaranteed. Stop by your favorite salon today to learn more about all our teethwhitening options.

How long can you tan in the fast bed at Sun Tan City?

Curious about our Fast Beds? Our Fast sunbeds offer an exceptional value for building and maintaining your base tan, with a maximum 20-minute session.

How long should I wait to shower after tanning?

You should wait at least 3 hours to shower after tanning. After your tan, you want to maintain the moisture in it for as long as you can, as this helps to prolong the life of your tan. Keep in mind, you just came out of a tanning session which took some moisture out of your skin.

Do you have to wait 24 hours to tan?

The skin needs 24 hours to process and build color after a tanning session. Allowing 24 hours between sessions actually maximizes color development.

What tanning bed gets you tan the fastest?

INSTANT HP LEVEL & our newest Alpha Deluxe KBL 7900. Our instant sun tanning beds are the best way to get a tan fast. Get your base tan generally 5-10 times faster than our Silver sunbeds – it takes just 2-3 visits!

Can you tan in a tanning bed without using lotion?

The short answer is YES!! It can be easy to assume that a tanning lotion is not necessary when using a tanning bed. Bear in mind that dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you can be wasting up to 50% of your tanning session!

Why do I smell after tanning?

It’s actually due to the melanin in your skin. The ultraviolet rays cost your skin to tan rapidly. Due to the rapid discoloration, causes a reaction on your skin thus we have the smell. As we all know, bacteria thrives on our skin which can be a good and bad thing.

How long does a tan last?

Generally speaking, tans will last up to 7 to 10 days before skin starts to naturally exfoliate and regenerate. If you exfoliate your body before tanning, use a tan extender, and keep skin moisturized your tan may last longer than anticipated.

How many sunbeds does it take to tan?

Depending on your skin color, in general the average person can develop a base tan in 3-5 sessions which then can be maintained with regular sunbed use. Two sessions a week should be enough to further deepen your tan in a safe and gentle manner.

What is 5 minutes in a tanning bed equivalent to?

Tanning beds emit 3-6 times the amount of radiation given off by the sun. For most people, 5-10 minutes of unprotected sun 2-3 times a week is enough to help your skin make Vitamin D, which is essential for your health. Getting more sun won’t increase your Vitamin D level, but it will increase your risk of skin cancer.

What is 10 minutes on a sunbed equivalent to in the sun?

On average, 10 minutes of sunbed use has the same effect on the skin as 10 minutes of Mediterranean summer sun.

How many sunbeds a week is safe?

Moderate tanning of 2-3 sessions a week is OK for everyone else but ensure you rest the skin for a minimum of 24 hours between each session and at least 48 hours for skin type 2. The European Standard advises not to exceed 60 sessions per annum.

Is a sunbed once a week OK?

Moderate tanning of 2-3 sessions a week is OK for everyone else but ensure you rest the skin for a minimum of 24 hours between each session and at least 48 hours for skin type 2. The European Standard advises not to exceed 60 sessions per annum..

Why do I not tan on sunbeds?

Compared to the rest of the body, skin on the legs does not produce the same amount of melanin, which results in legs getting less tan. Skin on the legs is thicker and harder and the UV light from the sun or sunbeds cannot easily penetrate it.