Can you cancel a money transfer?

You may be able to cancel a money transfer but it depends on the circumstances. The money hasn’t been deposited or picked up by the recipient, and you paid for the transfer less than 30 minutes ago. Or, if you scheduled the transfer in advance, you can cancel the transfer up to three business days before it is made.

Can you cancel Western Union once sent?

If you need to cancel or make changes to a funds transfer transaction after it has already been sent, call the Western Union Customer Service Desk at 1-800-325-6000, (Espanol at 1-800-325-4045). Please be aware that you may not be able to cancel or make changes to a transaction if the funds have already been paid.

How long does it take for Western Union to refund money?

Refunds typically take up to 10 business days from the date they are completed.

How do I cancel a Western Union money order?

With most money order issuers, including USPS, Western Union, and MoneyGram, you can cancel the payment. 1 2 To do so, either fill out a form or take the money order back to the place you originally bought it. Bring identification and any information you have about the money order to start the process.

Can I cancel a Western Union transfer online?

To cancel or mobile app-initiated money transfers:

Log in to your Western Union profile through or our mobile app. If your money transfer is eligible for online cancelation, you’ll see a Cancel transfer link.

How does Western Union refund money orders?

Western Union: If you still have your money order receipt, you will fill out the money order tracing/refund request on the back of it. You’ll mail it to the address listed on the back along with a $15 nonrefundable fee, and it can take up to 30 days to process.

Does Western Union refund money orders?

You can request a refund for a Western Union money order if it hasn’t been used or received, or if it is lost, damaged or stolen. You will receive a refund if the money order has not been used. If it has been used, you will receive a copy of the cashed money order for your records.

How do I cancel a money order and get money back?

To cancel a money order, contact the issuer, provide details, attach a copy of the receipt, submit the cancellation form and pay a fee.


  1. MoneyGram: $18 (available at Walmart).
  2. U.S. Postal Service: $6.25.
  3. Western Union: $15 if you have your receipt, $30 if you don’t.

How do I correct a mistake on a Western Union money order?

No, you cannot make changes to a completed money order. Any form of alteration or correction will result in ineligibility for cashing. Alternatively, you may opt for a refund through our office, which you may obtain by following the How do I request a Money Order refund instructions.

How do I change my Western Union details?

  1. Log in to your profile on
  2. Select your name from the menu options on top.
  3. Enter the new address or phone number.
  4. Choose “Save” to confirm the changes.

What if I messed up on my money order?

Unfortunately, filling out a money order with the wrong information is not easily forgiven. Changing information on the completed money order will make the order ineligible for cashing; the official policy is that money orders must be canceled and/or refunded if there is a mistake.

How do you correct a mistake on a money order?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) says that you should not correct any mistakes on your money order form. The USPS replaces any damaged or incorrect money orders for free. If you wish to replace the form, you need to return the document and its receipt to be eligible.

How can I get my money back from a money order?

Complete the money order tracing/refund request form on the back of the money order receipt and return it, along with a $15 non-refundable processing fee, to the address listed there.

Can you white out a mistake on a money order?

Most major money order issuers do not allow customers to correct mistakes on money orders. You cannot cross the information out and rewrite it or use whiteout; instead, you will usually need to get a replacement for the money order.

Can I cash a money order that I purchased?

Your best chance is to cash a money order at the same entity that issued it, whether that’s a bank branch, post office or other location. Check-cashing locations, convenience stores and grocery stores can be alternatives, but watch out for fees. Wherever you go, you’ll probably need to show identification.

Can I cash a money order I didn’t use?

Take it to the Bank

If the money order is blank, put your name in the recipient’s area and endorse the back of the money order. Then you can either present it to a teller. If you don’t have a bank account, many banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America will cash a money order for a fee.

Can I cash a money order written to someone else?

To cash a money order, you’ll need to first endorse it by signing your name on the back. If you don’t have any ID, you can endorse the money order to someone else, like a sibling or friend, who does have an ID. Then they can cash it for you.

Can you cancel a Moneygram and get your money back?

If you cancel within 30 minutes of payment, you will be issued a full refund. For cancellations made after 30 minutes and up to 180 days, you will be issued a refund for the send amount only, excluding fees.

Why would a MoneyGram transaction be rejected?

The decline could be related to the cash advance capability of your credit card, your credit card limit, a mistake when entering bank account information or other requirements from your bank.

How long does it take to cancel a MoneyGram?

It generally takes three to ten business days for the refunded funds to show up in your bank account. According to MoneyGram’s Terms and Conditions, you will receive a refund on the original payment method. If you cancel within 30 minutes of payment, you will incur no extra fees and get a full refund.