How do you clean a soft top convertible?

Begin by vacuuming your soft top and use a brush to remove any loose debris. Then apply the cleaner evenly on the top and let it sit for around 15 minutes. With a soft bristle brush, use circular movements to gently scrub the top of your convertible car roof, allowing the cleaner to get rid of stains, grime and dirt.

How do you clean a convertible top cloth?

How do you make a convertible top look new?

How long does convertible top last?

A properly maintained convertible top lasts an average of 5-7 years.

What can I use to protect my convertible top?

Can a soft top convertible go through a carwash?

However, when it comes to taking your car through the car wash, convertibles might create a few problems. Because of the high pressure power of the sprays and the delicate nature of the canvas cover that protects your convertible’s interior, it’s not recommended to take them through the automatic car wash.

Should you store a convertible with the top up or down?

The main thing to consider when storing a convertible (as compared to other cars) is of course the soft top. The most important part of storing a convertible is to put the top up. Even in a garage, snow isn’t the only element you‘re protecting against in the winter months.

How do you protect a convertible top from the sun?

To Protect:

Once the area is clean, use a vinyl protectant to preserve the texture and color to help prevent fading or breaking. Many protectants do more than just prevent discoloration. They protect against the sun’s harsh UV rays, repel grease, oils, and dirt without making the top look glossy or greasy.