How do I unclog my AirPods?

To fix your sound issue, take a softly bristled clean toothbrush. You can then carefully brush the larger opening of the Earpod. then, (bear with me) suck on the larger opening until you can feel that you are causing air to come through. Then, brush again.

Can ear wax ruin AirPods?

All earbuds will get gunked up in regular use. You might not mind the disgusting crust of wax and dirt on them, but eventually it will build up and block the audio. This obviously depends on the design of the earbuds, so today we’ll look at AirPods, which seem particularly susceptible to beat-blocking buildups.

How do you clean an AirPod grill?

As Apple recommends, try to clean the grill area first with a Q-tip. If this doesn’t do the trick, though, you’ll probably have the most success with a sharp, pointed object, like a toothpick. Use the tip to gradually scrape the wax and dirt out of the speaker mesh.