How do you care for suede Birkenstocks?

Regular cleaning—at least weekly—is the best way to keep the surface of suede and nubuck leathers looking clean.
  1. Brush Away Surface Soil. Use a soft microfiber cloth to brush away surface dust and soil after each wearing.
  2. Rub Away Dried Stains.
  3. Absorb Oily Stains.
  4. Scrape Away Gum and Tar.

How do you clean a Birkenstock suede footbed?

Step 1: Remove loose dirt using a suede brush or clean toothbrush. Step 2: Mix a bit of baking soda with water until a paste forms. Step 3: Use a clean cloth or toothbrush (so as long as you rinse it in between steps one and two) to gently scrub the paste into the footbed, using a circular motion.

Can suede Birkenstocks get wet?

When water is applied to suede or leather, the lifespan of our shoes can decrease, much like how our skin ages if we forget to apply sunscreen in the sun. Jackie Porter, a marketing assistant at Birkenstock USA, says overall, they do not recommend wearing the shoes in locations wearers know they will get wet.

How do you get stains out of Birkenstocks?

Apply Birkenstock Water & Stain Repellent regularly to protect upper Leather, Suede and Nubuck from water and dirt. Brush uppers with a Nubuck/Suede brush to pull up dirt and dust and restore the nap. For Birko-flor and birkibuc uppers, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Try soap and water to remove stubborn stains.

Do Birkenstocks have a lifetime warranty?

The answer is a resounding No. In fact, Birkenstock (the German shoe makers) has never offered a lifetime warranty on their shoes. The number 1 product we recommend to Birkenstock wearers is cork sealer.

How long should Birkenstocks last?

Depending on how often you wear them, they should last you decades, or at least several years. The longer you wear a pair of birkenstocks, the more comfortable they become because they form to the shape of your foot.

Are Birkenstocks worth the money?

They are worth the price tag– The pair that I own are priced right under $100. In my opinion, that can seem pretty pricey for a basic sandal, but trust me, they are worth the price. These Birkenstock sandals will last you for years to come, and they are so comfy. My pair from last summer still looks brand new!

Are Birkenstocks good for walking long distances?

Birkenstocks themselves would never suggest them as shoes for long walks. They are a comfort shoe not an exercise shoe. The reason is because like any sandal they move on your feet – where proper fitting shoes dont. And you should never have to break in shoes.

Should I size up or down in Birkenstocks?

Q: How big should I size my Birkenstocks? A: Birkenstock fitting can be a very personal thing, as some wearers like to size a little big and leave extra space behind the heel and in front of the toes, while others like to size slightly smaller allowing for a snug, almost hug-like fit.

Do Birkenstocks get smelly?

If you wear your Birkenstocks all the time, they probably need to be cleaned regularly. These popular sandals tend to get a bit smelly if too much time passes between cleanings.

Are Birkenstocks bad for your feet?

“Even though your jaw may drop when you see a friend walk into a party with Birkenstocks on, they’re actually good for your feet. They provide good shock absorption and arch support. More importantly, they have no ankle or rear-foot support. This can easily allow for a sprained ankle or long-term damage.”

How do I know what size Birkenstocks to buy?

You can determine your Birkenstock size by adding 31 to your U.S. women’s size and 33 to your U.S. men’s size. Your feet should be able to move freely without your toes hitting the edge of the footbed.

Do Birkenstocks hurt at first?

You do not want your feet to feel constricted or that would defeat the purpose of the Birkenstock shoes. Wear your shoes for about 30-45 minutes the first day and take them off. If your feet start hurting before 30 minutes take them off. Do this over the course of 2-3 weeks or until the Birkenstocks feel comfortable.

Are suede or leather Birkenstocks better?

As a long time Birkenstock wearer, I highly recommend the leather pair. The downside to the leather is that they take longer to break in. Suede will give you a worn feel right out of the box, but leather will better fit your foot in the long run.

Are Birkenstocks good for flat feet?

They are good for general use, walking, and beach wear, and are very comfortable. If you have excessively rigid flat feet you might find Birkenstock arch support too high/severe for you, try FitFlops instead. Sit down, take your foot off the ground, look at your arch. You should be fine with Birkenstocks.

Do podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock Arizona sandals

Because of the “nice deep heel cup,” Swartz said these shoes are podiatrist-approved, especially because the cork sole makes them comfortable.

What shoes do podiatrists recommend for flat feet?

A podiatrist tells us he recommends Hoka trail running shoes for walking too, because of their cushioning, rocker soles and a design that lets the foot sit deeper in the midsole to help stability. Another recommended shoe is the Brooks Addiction walker It supports low arches and promotes stability.

Why do Birkenstocks hurt my arches?

You may have very low arches or flat feet. In that case they would hurt. Birkenstocks require a “break-in” period while your foot realigns to a more healthy shape. With a bit of patience, you’ll find that tired feet actually feel better if you put on your clogs.

How do you clean the bottom of Birkenstocks?

Simply combine baking soda and water until paste forms, and rub it into the footbed of the shoes with an old toothbrush until the whole footbed is covered. Leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning to find your sandals looking noticeably cleaner.

Are Birkenstocks good for Arches?

Birkenstocks are the perfect sandals for any average person as they provide support to the feet arch and keep them in a proper position. They are designed in a way to ensure good health. The toe bar is made in such a way that your toe naturally gets a perfect grip on it.