Does Eli Manning have social media?

With a couple of months of Twitter experience under his belt, Manning has become a natural on social media, gracing Giants fans with a combination of humorous and thoughtful tweets, some of which can be found below. I started a 100 push-ups for 100 days challenge today.

What does it mean to pull an Eli Manning?

Of course, “pulling an Eli Manning” is referring to the 2004 NFL Draft. At the time, Manning was drafted by the then-San Diego Chargers with the first-overall pick. However, Manning and his family weren’t fans of the Chargers’ organization.

How much is Eli Manning’s net worth?

Former NFL Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning has a net worth of a whopping $150 million.

Where is Eli’s house?

Located in Denver, Colorado, in Cherry Hills Village, Peyton Manning house, a gorgeous red-brick Georgian style estate, is nothing short of stunning. The NFL player purchased the 16,464 square foot mansion for $4.575 million sometime around 2012. The home boasts 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and sits on 3.37 acres of land.