How do I contact IPSY customer service?

Is there a phone number for IPSY? We don’t offer phone support since we feel we’re able to offer our best customer care through emailemail and Twitter.

How do I cancel my forever IPSY subscription?

Log into your IPSY account and go to Account → View Membership → Management Membership (or click here after logging in). Click “Manage Membership“, then “Help me stop my membership.” A pop up will ask if you want to Skip a Month instead. If you don’t want to skip, click “Continue cancellation.”

How do I get a refund from IPSY?

To receive a refund, your IPSY Offer order must arrive back at our warehouse in the condition you received it within 30 days from the date your package was delivered. We cover return shipping costs, but a $5 restocking fee will be deducted from your final refund amount.

Can I delete my IPSY account?

You can cancel your membership on If you’d like to delete your profile and all personal info related to your account, please contact IPSY Care Care.

Are IPSY boxes worth it?

According to IPSY bag reviews, each of the IPSY monthly beauty boxes makes for a good purchase. IPSY Glam Bag is a good value for $12 and one of the cheapest beauty boxes among the competitors. IPSY Glam Bag Plus includes more full-size products for a great price of $25, but there is usually a waiting list.

How can I reuse my makeup bag?

Can you get more than one IPSY bag?

You can subscribe to one, two, or even all three of these plans at the same time.

Can I sell my IPSY bag?

No it’s just they don’t want YOU to resell it. It’s totally legit. They bear that sticker so you can‘t get the products to resell and make a profit without being an envoy for the company. I get an Ipsy bag as well.

Can I buy old IPSY bags?

We sell out of our Glam Bags each month so we can‘t sell past bags. You’re welcome to browse the “Glam Bag” section of to check out products we’ve featured in the past and read community feedback.

Where can I donate my IPSY bag?

If you collect too many Ipsy bags, consider donating them. In addition to donating your bags to a women’s shelter or homeless assistance office in your area, you can also donate excess products you may have received.

How much are IPSY makeup bags worth?

With Glam Bag, you discover five deluxe-size samples (worth over $50) in a cute makeup bag for $12/month; with Glam Bag Plus, you discover five full-size products (worth over $120) in a themed drawstring bag for $25/month.

Is IPSY or BoxyCharm better?

In the past, Boxycharm was clearly the best, but there might be a new winner after Ipsy released their Glam Bag Plus.

Overview of Both Boxes.

Ipsy Boxycharm
View all of their previous products featured View all of their past boxes
Jan 11, 2021

What is the best IPSY bag?

TATCHA’s Dewy Skin Cream

The best of the best from our 2020 Glam Bag products goes to TATCHA’s moisturizing cream—and for good reason.

Is IPSY or birchbox better?

While I prefer Ipsy, in my opinion these two boxes are just very different. If you’re looking for more hair and skin care products, Birchbox is probably the best option for you. But if you enjoy trying new makeup options, Ipsy may be the better fit.

Is birchbox or Glossybox better?

Having subscribed to both of the beauty boxes, I can say that Glossybox is my personal preference. The products and other makeup items that I receive with my Glossybox subscription suit my makeup expertise and requirements. Additionally, the Glossybox is cheaper and offers value for the money as compared to Birchbox.

What happens if I don’t get my IPSY bag?

Don’t worry, they’ll be redirected and you will receive your Glam Bag as scheduled. Please allow three days after the “missent” update for final delivery, and if you haven’t received it by then, you can contact IPSY Care for help.

Can you skip an IPSY bag?

Ipsy now allows you to skip any month of your subscription! If you would like to skip 1 month of your Glam Bag subscription, you can email ipsyCare ( and we‘ll help you out.

Can I skip a month on IPSY?

Log into Click on “Account” Click “Membership” Click “Skip a Month

How many months can you skip IPSY?

Ipsy offers the option of pausing your account.

You can pause your Ipsy membership for: One month. Two months.