Where is Panini headquarters located?

Panini Group/Headquarters

How long does Panini take to respond?

With official wait times of 4 to 8 months, it seems Panini recognizes the logistical difficulties of the situation.

What company owns Panini?

Panini Group
Type Società per azioni
Owner Panini Management and Fineldo
Number of employees 1000+ (2014)
Divisions Collectibles Publishing/Comics Panini Digital The Licensing Machine
Subsidiaries Panini America, Inc.

Does Panini have a website?

Panini America Online Store | Shop Exclusive Trading Cards.

Are Panini instant cards worth anything?

Panini Instant cards don’t hold value save your money! They are cheap. The right players will only go up in value.

Are Panini cards worth anything?

Long term they don’t hold value at all. They load them with hits to make them fun to rip but they are a novelty not an investment. Not that ripping any packs is a good investment.