Can I speak to someone at eBay?

If you need help, you can contact us. We’ll be able to help you quickly by chatting with you online or through a quick phone call. To contact us: Click Help & Contact at the top of most pages.

How do you message someone who sent an offer on eBay?

If your customer has sent you a message about a fixed price listing, you can send them a Custom Offer to suggest a discounted price.
  1. Go to My eBay and click Messages.
  2. Open an email from the member and click Reply with offer.
  3. Enter the quantity, price, and message to the buyer.
  4. Click Send.

Can you send a private message on eBay?

If you wish to send a PM, Private Message, click on the intended recipient’s user name, then find “send this user a private message” over on the right side of the page. Check to see if YOU have PMs by clicking on the little gray envelop right after the “help” button after your user name.

Can you send your phone number on eBay?

We also don’t allow members to offer, reference, or request email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information, physical addresses, web addresses, or links within eBay messaging systems (for example Best Offer or My Messages) or in any email communication managed by eBay.

Should I give my phone number out on eBay?

Keep everything in ebay Messages, don’t give them your phone #, or you will be indundated with texts & calls. They can also mark items “Paid” in ebay when they haven’t been.

Can you sell an item directly to someone on eBay?

Go to My eBay and click Messages. Open an email from the member and click send an offer directly to the member at the bottom of the email. Enter the quantity, price, and message to the buyer.

Should I give my PayPal email address to someone on eBay?

Do not give this member your PayPal e-mail address. This is the setup for a classic scam in which you’ll get a fake e-mail that looks like it’s from PayPal, telling you that you have been paid.

Should I give someone my email address for PayPal?

It’s perfectly safe to give them your email address – as long as they don’t know your password – but usually what happens after that, is if it is a scammer, you start receiving fake emails trying to get you to believe money is in your account when it really was never sent at all.

Should I give my email address to someone on eBay?

In the majority of cases, we don’t share buyers’ personal email addresses. We replace email addresses with aliases for buyers and sellers to hide personal contact information. When you communicate, your email appears like and is sent through our secure platform.

Can you get scammed on eBay using PayPal?

The scam goes like this: At some point a seller account on eBay is compromised. The scammer checks the PayPal email payment address, buys a URL with a similar (usually only one letter different) address and sets up an email address. The scammer sets up a PayPal account with the fake email address.

How can I avoid being scammed on eBay?

Send items with signature confirmation

eBay’s Money Back Guarantee requires sellers to use signature confirmation when sending items with a payment value of $750 or more. Some sellers choose to use signature confirmation for items worth less for additional protection against scammers.

Can I get my money back if I get scammed on eBay?

eBay Money Back Guarantee covers most transactions on eBay. It means buyers can get their money back if an item didn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn’t match the listing. Learn more about eBay Authenticity Guarantee.

Does eBay sell fake stuff?

What is the policy? Counterfeit products are illegal and not allowed on eBay. Examples include: Fakes, copies, or replicas of brand name items (for example, a shoe with the Nike name or logo that wasn’t made by Nike)

Can I trust eBay sellers?

You can buy safely on eBay. In fact, eBay is safer than someone’s personal website because of the third-party involvement of eBay and Paypal. Always report any offers to buy or sell an item outside of eBay.

How do I know if an eBay seller is legit?

Like others have said, pay close attention to the sellers overall percentage of postive feedback. Don’t just look at their percentage on the item page of their listing, actually click on the number of feedback and look at how many postive versus bad feedback they have.

Can you fake eBay reviews?

While a seller may be able to use a few IDs to inflate their feedback numbers, they can‘t inflate them by that much. Feedback can only be left if a sale was made. Then the seller would have to pay listing and final value fees, to eBay for each transaction.

Can you get scammed on eBay?

Whether you‘re a frequent buyer or seller on eBay (EBAY) – Get Report or consider yourself more of an occasional peruser, there are a lot of ways you can get scammed through online retail. From a classic bait-and-switch to fraudulent pay services, the methods of online scammers seem endless.

Can you buy good reviews on eBay?

Can I buy positive, negative eBay Reviews (Seller Feedback) or custom reviews? Yes, you can. After you have completed your purchase, you can specify to us in our dashboard whether you want positive feedback or negative feedback. Positive feedback is generally 4 to 5 stars while negative feedback is 1 to 2 stars.

Should I trust eBay sellers 0 feedback?

Answers (4) As everyone has said, it’s just fine to take a chance on a 0 feedback seller. BUT – you need to make sure you know the rules for the Money Back Guarantee. eBay gives you 30 days, paypal gives you 180 to file an INR or INAD claim.