How do I get my story on spectrum news?

Email news releases and story ideas to, or use the form below.

How do I send pictures to Spectrum news?

Send Us Your Photos

E-mail it to us at Please include the name of the photographer and the location where the photo was taken. *By submitting content, you agree to give Spectrum News a non-exclusive, royalty free license to use your material.

How do I contact NY1?


To report a breaking news situation or provide information on a story that is happening right now, please call our Assignment Desk at 212-NY1-NEWS (212-691-6397).

How do I email charter spectrum?

Create an Email
  1. Sign in to Spectrum Email.
  2. Select the Email tab.
  3. Select Compose. A new window will open.
  4. Fill out the fields: To: [Enter recipient’s name] (Note: Once you begin typing, this field will suggest contacts from your contacts list based on what you type.) Subject: [Enter the topic of the email]
  5. Select Send.

How do I get in touch with Spectrum?


Spectrum residential customers can call this 24/7 toll-free phone number for technical support, equipment installations and bill pay assistance.

Can I have 2 Spectrum accounts?

With Charter Spectrum, you can own several accounts with different addresses. There is no problem. You are billed for each one, no sharing of equipment is allowed. There are some customers who are paying for, and have, multiple modems on the same account, in the same address.

Is there a fee to cancel spectrum?

Since Spectrum is a contract-free provider, there are no cancellation fees or early termination fees (ETFs) to worry about. Internet service is on a month-to-month basis, and if you decide you want to try another internet service provider, all you need to do is cancel Spectrum Internet and return any rented equipment.

Can you cancel spectrum and sign up again?

If you cancel your Spectrum service for 30 days or more, you should be able to sign up again for a new customer rate with the same account login, address, name, and phone number.

Does spectrum prorate if you cancel?

Spectrum changed its billing policy last summer. Effective on or after June 23, 2019, and consistent with the Terms and Conditions of Service, Spectrum will no longer provide a pro rata credit for services sold on a monthly basis that are canceled prior to the end of the current billing month.

Does spectrum owe me a refund?

Spectrum monthly subscription policy offers no refunds in case the subscriber terminates the contract during the billing month.

Why is spectrum billing me after Cancelling?

This year after they canceled, they learned Spectrum changed its billing policy. Customers will no longer get refunds if service is canceled before the end of the billing cycle. In the past, bills were prorated, meaning you only pay for the days you use. If you cancel, you’d get money back for the unused portion.

Do I have to call spectrum to cancel?

If you need to cancel any of your Spectrum services, please contact us at (833) 224-6603.

Is it hard to cancel spectrum?

Spectrum, like most cable TV services, makes it difficult to cancel, but we are going to do our best to help you out. Now that you are ready to cancel, call Spectrum at 1-833-267-6094. Remember the customer service reps are not there to help you cancel.

Can I cancel spectrum in person?

To cancel your Spectrum service, contact Spectrum at +1-833-267-6094 or through and confirm the breakup. Spectrum equipment can be sent back via UPS, FedEx, or in person at a Spectrum store. If there’s a problem with your final bill, Spectrum will still help you out.

What happens if you dont pay spectrum bill?

If your account balance remains unpaid, your service will be suspended after 62 days. You won’t be able to make or receive calls and text messages, or use data. If you have a Protection Plan for your device(s), it will be canceled and won’t be reinstated.

What is a soft disconnect with Spectrum?

What is a soft disconnect with Spectrum? Charter: Soft disconnected means your services are temporarily disconnected due to non payment.

Does spectrum slow down your internet?

By law, ISPs like Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) can freely throttle your internet speeds without consequence. If you’re noticing more speed drops than you should be while using Time Warner’s cable internet service, you might be getting throttled.

Can Spectrum send you to collections?

Charter Spectrum says its practices are within the law, and that the company contacts customers about delinquencies before turning them over to a third party collections agency.

How long do collections stay on your record?

The short answer: Accounts in collection generally remain on your credit reports for seven years, plus 180 days from whenever the account first became past due.

What company does spectrum use for collections?

In a letter sent to CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger, Brindisi said constituents have contacted him after being contacted by Credit Management L.P, a Texas debt collection company contracted by Charter Communications, which operates the Spectrum internet and cable company.