Is Tata Memorial Hospital free?

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai tops the list of best and most advanced cancer treatment centres in India. It is funded by the Indian government and provides free-of-cost treatment to people living below the poverty line.

What is the cost of cancer treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai?

Medical Details
Intent of treatment : Curative
Prescribed Treatment : Chemotherapy + Supportive care
Duration of Treatment : 18 Months
Cost of treatment (Rs.) : 450000.00

Who is the owner of Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai?

The Tata Memorial Hospital was initially commissioned by the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust on 28 February 1941 as a center with enduring value and a mission for concern for the Indian people. Current Director of the hospital is Dr. Rajendra A Badwe, who took over from for director Dr.

Tata Memorial Centre.

Tata Memorial Hospital

What is the cost of chemotherapy in Mumbai?

Like in Mumbai the Price of chemotherapy ranges from 650-1100 USD each cycle. The general treatment cost is dependent upon the medication, the number of travelers, cycles of chemotherapy proposed phase of cancer, and other aspects.

How many Tata hospital are there in India?

List of Centers
No. Centers Name Address
5 Anna Memorial Cancer Res. Institute Karapettai, AH45, Tamil Nadu-631552
6 All India Institute of Medical Sciences Sijua, Patrapada, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha-751019
7 Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Institute Ponekkara, Kochi, Kerala-682041

Why is it called Tata Memorial Hospital?

The Tata Memorial Centre mission is to provide comprehensive cancer care to one and all through our motto of excellence in service, education and research.

How many cancer institutes are there in India?

There are presently 25 such centres spanning all the states and union territories of India. This system works under the National Cancer Control Programme which started in 1975 under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (India). The scheme originally started with 5 RCCs for 5 designated regions of the nation.

How do I donate to Tata Memorial Hospital?

E-mail : patient care and queries)/ accounts related)/ (for donors and donation related)/ education and training)/ administrative – HRD matters)

How can I donate to cancer patients?

Crowdfunding to raise funds for cancer treatment expense and chemotherapy drugs is the most cost-effective and easy way to begin. You can start an individual cancer fundraising campaign or begin raising funds for a nonprofit that serves individuals affected by cancer.

How do I donate directly to hospital?

How can I donate to the hospital? Go Online through our donation page, make a one-off payment or set up a monthly direct debit. Or by bank transfer, please contact our Supporter Care team via email and we can provide the relevant details.

How can I donate to Tata?

E-mail : patient care and queries)/ accounts related)/ (for donors and donation related)/ education and training)/ administrative – HRD matters)

Why Ratan Tata is not rich?

Why Ratan Tata is not on the list of richest men in India? This is because 65% of the family’s and the company’s fortune is given away as charity. Hence, any profit made by the company doesn’t impact Ratan Tata’s personal financial statement and goes straight to charitable organizations.

How can I contact Tata Trust?

Contact us
  1. You can get in touch at the addresses and telephone numbers mentioned or fill in the form to contact us.
  2. Registered Office. Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai 400 001, India. +91 – 22 – 6665 8282.
  3. Support office. World Trade Center-1, 26th floor. Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005, India. +91 – 22 – 6665 8282.

How can I get Ratan Tata financial help?

Some of the e-mail addresses that can be corresponded to are,,, or

Can I meet Ratan Tata?

Request a meeting through mail

India. If you think a letter take too much time, then you can simply send Mr. Tata an email at the Id Remember that this is not his personal mail Id but it is of Tata Sons, where he was the former chairman.

Where do Ratan Tata live?

Where is Ratan Tata’s Mumbai bungalow situated? Ratan Tata’s bungalow is situated at Colaba in Mumbai.

How can I get funding from startup India?

Here are a few successful startup funding options in India that will help you support your business with the indispensable finance requirements.
  1. Go for Crowdfunding.
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  5. Conclusion.

Who are eligible for startup India?

Eligibility Criteria for Startup Recognition: The Startup should be incorporated as a private limited company or registered as a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership. Turnover should be less than INR 100 Crores in any of the previous financial years.

How can I get funding?

5 Ways of Funding A Business: How To Get Your Piece Of The Pie
  1. Boostrapping. In the idea/experimental stage, use your own financial resources, such as money from a savings account or careful use of personal credit cards.
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  3. Crowdfunding.
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  5. Bank Loan/Venture Capital.