How do you cook a whole elk backstrap?

Heat the grill to 400 degrees and throw the elk backstrap on and let them sear 45 seconds to 1 minute per side. Turn the grill down to medium heat and let them cook for a few minutes on each side.

What temperature do you cook elk backstrap?

Elk should be cooked to no more than 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit of internal temperature. At 150 degrees the meat starts to dry out because of its lack of fat. The use of a meat thermometer is the best way to determine when the meat has reached the desired degree of doneness.

How do you cook backstrap?

Lightly brush olive oil on both sides of the backstrap to ensure full coverage. The olive oil helps to keep moisture in to prevent the venison from drying out. Grill for 3½ minutes on one side, and then flip for an additional 3 minutes. For maximum flavor and tenderness, cook to medium rare or on the rare side.

How should elk steak be cooked?

Elk meat must be cooked a little differently. There is very little fat in elk so it cooks quicker than beef. The most important tip to remember is: do not overcook elk! Elk is best cooked to medium rare or medium, but not to well.

Can you eat elk raw?

But here’s what you need to know to eat raw venison (deer, antelope, moose, elk, etc) as safely as possible: Shoot straight. So if you break that tract and get gut gunk all over the inside of your deer, you better cook it well. Cut cleanly.

How do you tenderize Elk round steak?

Liberally salt both sides of steaks. Using a meat tenderizer, rolling pin or the flat side of a heavy butcher knife, pound steaks to ¼-inch thick and let steak rest 10 minutes. Pat dry with paper towels.

Why is my elk meat so tough?

Elk is a healthy high protein and low fat alternative to beef. And because it is low fat, it has more connective tissue than beef so it should be cooked low and slow. Overcooking game meat, be it bison or elk will create a tough piece of meat and you will be disappointed.

What is the best cut of elk meat?

1) The loin, aka, backstrap, runs the length of the backbone and provides the best steaks known to man, save for maybe the tenderloins, which are found opposite the backstrap, tucked up under the spine, just forward of the pelvis. These tender cuts should be cooked fast, with dry, high heat.

Is Elk round steak tough?

Like others have already posted, overcooking – in the absence of fat – just leaves a dry steak. You can mitigate this by marinating, which helps to hydrate the meat. The typically tougher cuts that you get with beef, like round steak, will be similarly tough on elk.

How long do you hang elk meat?

As long as the meat was able to cool down initially, and as long as the nighttime temps get down into the 40’s and don’t get above the mid-70’s during the day, you should be fine to leave the meat hanging there for 3-4 days.

What does elk meat taste like?

-The taste of elk is similar to beef. Elk has a little more flavor, just enough to know you’re eating something special. With elk ,especially farm-raised elk, you never have to worry that the meat will taste “gamey.” Elk will cook quicker and if overdone will dry out and be tough.

How much meat do you get off a bull elk?

Most average bull elk will yield 190 to 225 pounds of boneless meat, while an average cow produces about 160 pounds of meat.

What state has the cheapest elk tags?

Table 1. General Elk Tags for Non-Residents in Five Western States for 2019 Elk Hunting Season
State Any Bull Elk Total Non-Res. Costs
Colorado R $672 Bull/Any Elk, $507 cow/calf
Idaho A-M-R $582
Oregon A-R $167 + $571 = $738
Utah A-M-R $65 + $339 = $458 ($700 multi season)

How do you train for elk hunting?

Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and air squats train your whole body. A great workout to prepare for hunts is weighted step-ups—wearing a backpack with some heavy stuff in it and stepping up on a cooler then back down.

How do I prepare for my first elk hunt?

Prepare for your hunt by running and walking every day. Do it wearing your boots and carrying a loaded pack as often as possible, and supplement your cardio workouts with weight training.

How do you field dress an elk?

Field Dressing

Cut around the front and rear leg just above the joint. Then, run the knife up the back of the leg until you reach the body. Avoid getting hair on the meat by using your knife as a pry bar. Get in under the skin, turn the blade up, and slice up through the skin to avoid getting hair on the meat.

What to do after you eliminate an elk?

Bring way more than you think you‘ll ever need. Try to find a tree that will handle all four quarters at least 100 yards from the carcass. If possible, hang them in a relatively open area where they can be glassed from at least 300 yards, preferably even farther.

How long does it take to dress an elk?

Quartered, skinned and in bags shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes. Boned and in bags, add another half hour. The key is having sharp knives and knowing where to make the cuts. Its the first couple dozen you deal with that are tough, after that it gets much easier.