Roblox is a nice program that allows you to come up with an up to date game and develop modifications on the current games. The good news is, the program’s games have avatars that are properly customized with different clothes, skins, shoes, hats, and many more.

However, if you are planning to meet your query on how to create a shirt on Roblox, the process is easy as you develop an image depending on the templates then afterward, publish the templates on a ShirtContentBuilder.

Here is a guide on how to create a shirt in Roblox:

  1. Ensure that you have an active subscription. If you are not an active paying member of the Builders Club Subscription, it can be difficult to upload the shirt template.
  2. Click on “subscription” tab found on the right side of your PC then choose the time.
  3. Then select the payment method that you want to move along with. After that, click on the “Continue Option,” then feed in all your payment data. If you want successful payments, just click on Submit.
  4. After that, on your browser, launch the shirt template page on the Roblox shirt template. Furthermore, you can also create a shirt having a template that has no borders.
  5. Once you are done with that, save your shirt’s template on your computer, then store it safely by right-clicking on the template, then click on “Save” to save it securely.
  • In case your PC’s mouse lacks a right mouse button, hit the right side of your mouse. Alternatively, click using your two fingers or simply tap the trackpad rather than right-clicking.
  1. Next, open a photo editing program depending on the operating system and your choice then launch the template on the program. You can have different photo-editing program options:
  • When using Mac, make sure you download a Pinta freely, or simply pay something like Lightroom or Photoshop
  • When using Windows, a Microsoft Paint is installed by default. But you can also download other software such as Paint.NET, free software available for Mac users.
  1. Immediately you are through, make sure you click then afterward, drag the template on the photo editing program. Alternatively, just click File, hit Open, then launch it on the program through double-clicking it.
  2. Then tap on “Edit the template,” then start designing your shirt according to your preferences. But sometimes this step varies; for instance, when you want to add a logo on the shirt’s torso, you can use the photo-editing software’s pen tool to make the drawings on the chest part of your template.
  3. Immediately, you finish, save the changes you added on your shirt by clicking on the save option.
  • The shirt is ready, and its time to upload it on the Roblox main page to get approval and reviews. Now it’s time to upload it.
  1. On your web browser, open the Roblox main page by clicking on
  2. Then choose the Develop tab option then hit on Continue to Develop page.
  3. Immediately you finish, make sure you visit the Roblox page through typing your credentials on the given columns. Afterward, hit on the sign in.
  4. You will be directed to a new page. From there, shift to My Creations section then tap on the shirts option. After that, tap on shirts option.
  5. Then select the file that you will upload on the Roblox main page. Then hit on shirts option. With that done, a new page will be opened that asks you to choose the shirt image that you wish to upload. Ensure that you select the shirt photo on the PNG outline where you had initially saved the picture. Next, press it to move ahead with the process.
  6. Immediately you are through, continue with the process, then press OK.
  7. Next, add the name of the shirt that you’ll fix on the shirts column name. Doing this will show you how the shirt will appear on the Roblox web store. Immediately the shirt has received reviews and approval, you can now equip and sell it at your own choice.
  8. Finally, tap on This is a green color button beneath the “Shirt Name” text field. After that, your shirt will be uploaded on the Roblox profile.

Congratulations! That’s the simple process on how to create a shirt in Roblox. Design, then create your shirts on Roblox then generate money through selling them. But here are some few tips you should consider while creating a shirt on Roblox.

  • When you don’t desire to buy Lightroom or Photoshop while using Mac, you can use GIMP2 as it’s a free option that allows you to boost your shapes, logos, and drawings on your shirt’s template.
  • During the upload process, make sure the image is 559 pixels high and 585 pixels wide.
  • Never use inappropriate items on your shirt.
  • While editing the template size, don’t change its size.