We live in a digital era where you can share your images with as many friends as possible all over. Besides adding images to websites and emailing favorite photos, it’s fun to post pictures on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

However, to do more activities with your images like using them to develop blog themes, slide shows, and even stock photography, it’s vital to get a picture URL for the image before you do anything with it.

Giving your picture an image URL is straightforward, and all you have to do is finding a website that will host it and provide it a permanent internet parking space. Here is the procedure on how to create a URL for an image.

Use Google Chrome

  • Start by opening the Google Chrome app icon that looks like a blue, green, and yellow sphere. If you lack the app on your pc, make sure you download it freely from Android’s play store.
  • Next, tap the address bar located on top of the screen. While doing this, your tablet or smartphone’s keyboard should appear. If some text appears on the address bar, tapping them should highlight them. If not, make sure you remove the text before moving on to the next step.
  • With that done, enter the search query by typing in a phrase or a word.
  • Then click on Search. This is found on the keyboard, and doing this will search Google for all results that match your phrase or word. When using an android device, you can tap Enter/Return or Go here instead.
  • Click on the IMAGES tab found on top of the results page, and doing so prompts Google Chrome to display pictures only.
  • Look for your picture. You can scroll through the results until you get an image that resembles what you are searching for.
  • Once you get the picture, open it by tapping it.
  • Click on the “Share” icon located beneath the picture, and doing so will bring a pop-up menu. When using an android device, you’ll only click the Android “Share” icon.
  • There is a link at the bottom of the pop-up menu tap and hold it, then tap Copy Link URL once prompted.
  • Finally, paste the link. If you want to check on the URL for your picture, begin by opening any app with a text field, then tap the next field. As you do this, hold the text field for a while, then click on paste in the menu that appears.

Using Imgur

  • Start by opening Imgur by visiting https://imgur.com/ on your favorite web browser, this will direct you to Imgur’s homepage.
  • After that, click on New post a green button found on the upper side of the page. Doing this opens up the pop-up menu.
  • Then click Browse. This is a grey button found at the center of the pop-up menu. Clicking it opens the Finder (Mac) or File Explorer on your computer.
  • Choose an image from your computer. Please move to the image location on your computer that you wish to upload. After that, tap on the image to select it.
  • Tap Open. This is located on the lower-right side of the windows, and doing so will upload the selected image to Imgur. Give the image a title if you want by clicking on the text box on top of the image. After that, type a title.
  • Then click Copy. It is a grey button located on the right side of the URL on the upper side of the page. This action will copy your image’s URL to the computer’s clipboard.
  • Lastly, paste the picture’s URL to the text application or text box. Do this through by the cursor on the text box then press ⌘ Command when using Mac or Ctrl+V.

That’s how to create URL for an image.