How do I delete conversations?

Manage conversations
  1. Open the Messages app .
  2. Touch and hold a message within a conversation.
  3. Choose an option: Share on social media: Tap Share . See more details: Tap Information . Copy the message text: Tap Copy . Forward a message to another person: Tap Forward . Delete a message: Tap Delete .

Does OfferUp delete old messages?

Does OfferUp delete messages? When you list an item on OfferUp, other users can message you with questions or offers on the item you listed. Currently, there is no option to delete individual messages on OfferUp.

How long do messages stay on OfferUp?

How long does an item stay on OfferUp? 2 weeksNote: Sold items are automatically archived after 2 weeks. Your items are never deleted, you will always have access to them in your archived folder.

How do I delete my offer up history?

Delete search history
  1. Tap. at the top. Your recent search terms will display below the search field.
  2. To delete a certain search, tap the X next to that item.

Can you delete things on OfferUp?

It’s at the top-right corner of the item. A pop-up menu will appear. Tap the board from which you want to remove the item. The item is now deleted from the board.

Why do messages disappear on OfferUp?

Why do messages disappear on OfferUp? Once an item has been marked as sold, all notifications of messages are removed from the Notifications tab. If you’d like to contact the buyer or review your messages with them, the messages will still be available.

When you block someone on OfferUp Can they still see your messages?

If someone is bothering you, you can block them. You won’t receive further messages from them and any current message threads you have with them will also disappear. You‘ll still be able to see their items, and they‘ll be able to see yours, but you won’t be able to send each other offers or messages.

How do you know if someone has seen your message on OfferUp?

If the other person doesn’t respond, check that they saw your message. Two green checkmarks like the ones below indicate they’ve seen that message. One green checkmark indicates they haven’t seen the message yet. When someone doesn’t respond, it’s up to you if you want to continue searching for another item or buyer.

How can you tell if someone blocked you on OfferUp?

If you‘re blocked, it will say there was an error sending a message when you try to send it. He’s simply not opening the chat.

Can I get scammed on OfferUp?

In 2006, it was reported that 44.9% or almost half of all consumer complaints were related to online fraud. OfferUp, a popular site for buying and selling items has made attempts to end the trend. OfferUp car scams abound. Scammers often pose as trustworthy buyers or sellers of big price items like cars.

Is buying on OfferUp safe?

As an added security feature, OfferUp provides secure in-app messaging for those looking to buy and sell stuff locally online. For those who are wondering, “Is OfferUp safe to use,” our OfferUp review says yes—the platform itself is safe and secure.

How do you make sure you don’t get scammed on OfferUp?

Scammers may create fake websites that look like OfferUp and ask you to log in with your email and password. Never click on these.

Avoid common scams

  1. The seller asks to be paid outside the app.
  2. The seller claims to pay for shipping fees and wants to send you an invoice.
  3. We recommend paying with cash.