How do you get criminal mastermind?

What are the rules for criminal mastermind?

According to IGN, you’ll need to follow these simple rules to complete the challenge and net the $10 million bonus: You have to beat all the heists (including the prep missions) in order, on hard, and with the same teammates. Oh, and no one can die.

How do you do the criminal mastermind in GTA 5?

Complete Every Single Heist and Setup on Hard Difficulty. Complete All Heists and Setups without anybody in the team dying. If anyone dies while doing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge, all players in the heist will receive a pop-up message above the minimap, saying “The Criminal Mastermind Challenge has been failed”.

Can you fail during criminal mastermind?

The only way to fail the criminal mastermind challenge is if someone dies. Check your stats to see if your platinum progress has been reset.

How much money do you get for criminal mastermind?

Criminal Mastermind Challenge: This is the hardest award in the entire game. You‘ll receive an enormous $10 million bonus if you can complete every set-up and finale in order with the same group of players without any loss of life.

Can you quick restart on criminal mastermind?

During Criminal Mastermind, if you fail a heist without a death, can you quick restart? Yes, and doing so has no effect on the challenge. Also just a tip regarding the criminal mastermind challenge if one of you is going to die you can quickly quit the mission that way it prevents you from losing any progress.

Can you do the criminal mastermind Challenge with 2 people?

Criminal Mastermind II – Complete all Doomsday Heist missions in order, with the same team of 2 players, on Hard difficulty, without losing any lives to receive an additional GTA$750,000.

How do I know if my criminal mastermind is active?

If you need check just go to stats and check your heists awards, it will tell you however many out of 26 I believe. I think you might just be right. It says 16/28.

Does Fleeca job count for criminal mastermind?

The Fleeca Job dilemma:

The Fleeca job is a two-person job, but the rest of the missions are for four players. The team has to split up in teams of two, which do the Fleeca Job together, or otherwise the Mastermind award will not count up for everyone.

Why did my criminal mastermind progress reset?

If a player so happens to get blown up inside or beside their personal vehicle AND their personal vehicle gets destroyed as a result (needing to call Mors Mutual) during a Setup or Finale, your CM progress gets reset and cannot be prevented by closing app. Keep this in mind.