How do you do French tip nails at home?

How do you do a French manicure without guide strips?

How do you do a French manicure with color?

Paint the tips.

Take the first color and paint a strip down the center of your tip. Only paint as far down as the tip of your nail. The end of the tip should be around your cuticles. Next, take the second color and paint a strip on each side of the center color.

How do you paint French tips?

How do you do the perfect French manicure line?

Is French manicure in Style 2020?

You heard it here first: French manicures are going to be BIG in 2020. But, they’re coming back with a little twist. Instead of going for the basic style you did in middle school, try out this super double-tipped version, seen at Kith’s Spring 2020 show.