Hennessy is a versatile drink that makes a nice pair to a range of events. Whether drinking Hennessy in a company or by yourself, the act of taking the drink comes in numerous forms.

You can even take the drink frozen, making it extremely viscous. Furthermore, you can blend the drink with ginger ale or tonic if you want to enjoy it.

Step 1: Understand Your Drink

Before you decide on how to drink Hennessy, it’s essential first to consider its age. When the Hennessy is young, make sure you mix it first then drink. When the drink is old, drink it when neat. Older Hennessy has extremely delicate notes that break down once you add anything to it. Therefore, don’t even attempt to add ice on the Hennessy as water will bland it completely. Therefore, make sure you enjoy it as it is.

Step 2: The Right Glass to Use

The type of glass to use when drinking Hennessy can affect its tasting experience greatly. If you want to enjoy Hennessy, make sure you use a ‘taster’s glass’ as it has a narrow and long shape. This helps in capturing the richness of Hennessy while lowering that of alcohol.

Hennessy on ice can also be served on a large-sized tumbler glass, having enough room to accommodate up to two ice cubes. A tumbler is easy to hold in hand, making it vital to use it for drinking Hennessy. Furthermore, it assists in the melting process of the ice cubes, thus making it easy to smell and drink.

Step 3: Blend your Hennessy

The following are great options if you want to boost the Hennessy drinking experience.

  • Using Chocolate

Cold or hot Hennessy pairs properly with chocolate. Alternatively, you can enjoy it with whipped cream or dollop. Taking Hennessy with a simple cold or hot chocolate tastes great.

Just mix the chocolate syrup, Hennessy, and cream inside a cocktail shaker, then serve in a glass. After that, drink your Hennessy drink.

  • With Coffee

Hennessy and coffee are a great combination. Just try Hennessy with a shot of iced coffee or even espresso. Mix coffee liqueur, brown sugar, and almond milk, then add the mixture in a martini glass. Having done that, add the Hennessy, then drink it.

  • Sodas or Juices

Prepare Hennessy cocktails by mixing different types of sodas or juices with your favorite Hennessy drink, then drink it. Coke and Hennessy make an excellent drink. Ensure you add soda and ice as much as you like to the Hennessy, then drink it.