Many people think drying parsley is difficult. We believe it is an easy task to dry this vegetable. You can do it in many ways. For example, you can use a dehydrator or a microwave. Also, you can dry it in the sun. Dried parsley, in general, has its unique applications. In this article, we will talk about drying the vegetable using different methods in detail.

Drying Parsley in the Sun

First, we want to talk about sun-drying, which we think is the easiest way to get the job done. In this method, you don’t need any special tools or equipment. However, you would need some old window screens and a baking sheet. If you want to dry it adequately, you must do it on a bright, sunny day. Otherwise, you may fail to dry it.

When it comes to drying, first, you need to wash the old screens. Then, measure the screens and cut them so that they fit the backing sheet. Once done, you need to put it on the top side of the screen, which ensures the free flow of the air into the vegetable.

Now, put the sheet in the porch or an area where it can receive some sunlight or heat. Don’t forget to check it from time to time. You must turn the springs over, which means each side will get an equal amount of tan as is dries.

The time of drying mainly depends on where you place it. Also, it depends on how much sunlight it is receiving. You can dry it within a few days by keeping it in the sun.

Make sure you keep the baking try indoors after the sunset. Thus, you can protect it from the dew and moisture. The next morning, if you think it needs some more drying, you can bring it back in the sun.

Use Microwave to dry parsley

Another method to dry your vegetable is using the Microwave. It contains water content, which will dry out when you place it in the Microwave. The temperature of the Microwave will make the water heat up and evaporate. You may see that the tissues of the plant also heat up slightly as they contain water.

It is one of the easiest methods to dry the vegetable. Using this method, you can retain the potency and color of parsley. So, if you are looking for something fast, then you can use the Microwave. Make sure you arrange the leaves of the vegetable on the microwave plate carefully. You can get dried parsley within a few seconds.

The microwave method requires you to use a paper towel to cover the glass plate. Now, put the vegetable on the towel. It must be in a single layer. Keep in mind that the outer layer of the microwave plate is the hottest. So, you need to place larger and thicker leaves on the outer plate.

Next, you need another paper towel so that you can place it on the top of the parsley. Now, turn on your Microwave and heat it for about one minute. Make sure you check the condition of the vegetable every 30 seconds.

Air-Drying Parsley

Air-drying parsley is another method that you can use to dry your favorite vegetable. However, the technique requires you to use a lot of equipment. For example, you need to harvest it at midmorning if you tend to use products from the home garden.

We suggest you not to dry the vegetable in the morning as it contains a lot of dew. Make a bundle and make sure the springs are in a loose group. You can use rubber bands for securing the stems of the vegetable.

Now, hang them upside down on the clothes drying rack. Then, place the tray in the attic, porch, or in a place where it receives some air and warm. Within a few weeks, you will see the drying of the vegetable. You will feel that the leaves of the vegetable are a bit brittle.

Next, it is essential to place the dried parsley on a wax paper. Separate the leaves from the stems using your hands. You must do it gently so that you don’t damage the leaves. Store it in a container. Remember, this is one of the slowest methods.

Use Oven to dry parsley

Drying the vegetable in your Oven is a secure method, and one of the quickest, according to experts. The technique requires you to wash it with cold water. Then, remove the leaves from the stems. After separating the tender leaves, you need to give them a rough chop.

Use boiling water to blanch it for about 25 seconds. Again, use cold water to rinse the leaves and keep the vegetable from cooking in the residual heat. Use a brown paper to cover a baking sheet. Place it on the oven tray. Make sure to position the vegetable evenly and flat. You may also leave some space between the blanched parsley.

Now, place the tray in the oven and set the low-temperature setting. Avoid high heat because it will burn it. Unlike Microwave, this method requires you to keep it in the Oven for 2-4 hours. Humidity and altitude are a few factors that determine the speed of the drying process.

You must check it from time to time. We recommend you to check it every 20 minutes. After it becomes dry, you need to take it out of the Oven. Crush the dried parsley via a pestle, mortar, or any other convenient tools. You can also use your hands to crush it. Once done, you can store it in a jar and place it in the dark area. You can also place it in the refrigerator.

Use a dehydrator to dry parsley

Everyone knows that dehydrators are slightly costly. It means not everyone can afford it. However, if you have the dehydrator, you can use it to dry. It is one of the easiest and convenient methods. You can also use it to dry your food, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.

When it comes to the functionality of the dehydrator, let us tell you that it uses hot air to remove water content and moisture from the food. Don’t worry about burning your parsley because a dehydrator’s function is to dry it gently and slowly.

So, to dry your parsley, first, you need to preheat it based on the instructions of the manufacturer. There are different types of dehydrators available on the market. Make sure you choose the one that is easy to use. Because each dehydrator model works in a different way, you need to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Now, put it on the trays of the dehydrator. We recommend you to use single layers. Make sure the segments don’t overlap. Otherwise, it will not dry properly. Keep it in the machine for at least four hours.

Storing Dried Parsley

You can store your dried parsley in airtight containers. Make sure you close the lid properly so that no air enters the box. We recommend you to use glass containers. You can also use reclaimed glass containers with airtight caps.

After you have dried it, you must keep it away from heat. Store it a dark, cool place. One suggestion by experts is to store it in the fridge or freezer. You can use it for over a year.

If you have an abundant harvest, then you can store them in freezer containers. Again, it is vital to keep the containers free or protected from moisture. So, it is an excellent way to keep the aroma of the vegetable even after a year in the freezer.


Drying is a great way to use it for a long time. There are different methods to dry it. We have discussed each technique in detail. If you want to dry them out quickly, our suggestion is to use the microwave method. You can even use a dehydrator to dry the vegetable quickly.

On the other hand, if you want to dry it naturally, you can follow the air-dry or sunlight method. Again, the air-dry way is the slowest one. The sunlight method, however, is more convenient and fast then air-drying of vegetable.