Computers are machines, and the same way other devices work, computers may slow down or develop issues for no reason at all! Perhaps you are facing the same challenge with your Acer laptop now, and the only thing you can do is factory resetting the machine to help you use it from a fresh.

Never jump into resetting your Acer laptop before paying attention to this precaution: before you start the factory reset process, make sure your backup all your data and files, more so essential ones that you can’t misplace.

1. Use Acer Care Center

Using Acer Care Center is the first and the best method for doing a factory reset. With this method, you can create a backup of all your system files and restore all the networking and settings drivers. Therefore, to use this method, ensure you install the Acer Care Center in your pc then follow the steps below:

  • On your laptop, move to the search box and input “Recovery”. After that, select the “Acer Recovery Management” out of the possible solutions that appear.
  • Then click “Recovery Management” and with that done, you will be navigated to the Acer Care Center.
  • After that, click “Get started”. This option helps you to “Reset your PC”. Here, you can choose to “Remove everything.”
  • Depending on the activity you need to do for your Acer laptop, choose the option “Remove files and clean the drive,” but if that’s not okay with you, click on “Just remove my files.”
  • Next, click on the “Reset” button located on the lower side of the window.
  • Then follow all the instructions displayed on the Acer screen until you finish up the factory reset process.

2. Using Alt + F10 on Startup

When your Acer laptop is having a problem that prevents it from booting normally, you can factory reset it with the Windows Recovery Environment. For this to happen, follow the procedure below:

  • Switch off the laptop directly by pressing the power button for about 5 seconds.
  • After that, switch on the Acer laptop once more, and immediately the Acer logo appears, press together the “Alt” and “F10” keys.
  • Then after a short time, you will be directed to the Acer’s screen to “Choose an option”; this option must be “Troubleshoot.” While using windows 8, choose “Reset your PC” and “Reset this PC” on windows 10.
  • Now select “Remove everything” and then tap on “Restart” to initiate the Acer laptop factory reset process. Relax and wait for the process to stop after a short time.
  • Immediately the factory reset process ends, set up the Acer laptop with the instructions that appear on the screen.

3. Using Installation or Repair Disk

This is another method you can use to factory reset your Acer laptop. But if your computer doesn’t have a setup or repair disk, make sure you download and install the Windows ISO file to create one using a USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Once done that, use the steps below to factory reset:

  • Insert the installation or repair disk on your laptop to start the process. Use the disk now to boot your computer.
  • Immediately, the installation screen appears first on the Acer’s screen. After that, move to the bottom side of the screen then click the “Next” button.
  • Then on the left lower side of the next screen that appears, select “Repair your computer” then choose to “Troubleshoot.”
  • Once more, tap on “Reset this PC”. Here, you’ll get two options to choose from depending on the kind of reset that you want. As noted on the options part, if you select the “Keep my files”, option, some of your files will be kept, plus your password. This is not the best option in case you don’t remember your password.
  • From the options located on the next window, select the drive that you want to remove. Here, you can either choose only the drive in which the windows are or all drivers.
  • In the following window, you will find two options again: “Just remove my files” and “Fully clean the drive”. The first option keeps the laptop, and the latter option recycle it fully.
  • Finally, click on the “Reset” since your target is to factory reset your Acer laptop.