Many people think that high-quality leather or sneaker shoes don’t crease. But the truth is, most shoes get creases and deep wrinkles for many reasons. Shoes can become wrinkled or creased when stored improperly.

Furthermore, they can form pressure marks when something is placed on top of it and press it for an extended period. Others get creases from continuous bending around the area where your foot flexes.

However, here is a guide on what to do if you want to get rid of creases out of your shoes:

  • Start by rubbing some mild soap carefully along the area with creases—Wash dirt out of the wrinkles using water and soap.
  • Then stuff your shoes using a rolled-up fabric or paper until your shoes are stretched to their original shape. After that, take a damp cloth, then place it on top of the creased regions then iron it on the cloth.
  • Having done that, use some water to spray the stuffed shoes to make them wet. You can place some books on the upper side where the creases have developed. After that, leave the leather shoes outside to dry.
  • Please take out the stuffing then respray them with water. Place the shoes inside a dryer then dry them properly using the dryer’s low setting. Then regularly have a look at your shoes at an interval of 10 minutes. Make sure that your shoes aren’t exposed to more heat than necessary.
  • Finally, use a rag and rub on the polish with the same color as that of your shoes on the remaining creases.

How to Get Creases Out Of Leather Shoes (5 Methods)

Using An Iron

  • Newspaper
  • Steam iron
  • A bottle of water
  1. Begin by rolling and folding the paper to form a shape that looks like your foot. After that, tape them down to allow them to hold their shape.
  2. Pack the paper or inserts inside your leather shoes.
  • Then remove the shoelaces from your shoes to do easy ironing and make them safe from unnecessary burns.
  1. Next, add water to the steam iron then switch it on to 80 degrees Celsius.
  2. Position a cloth on top of the shoe toe box area then saturate it with some little water.
  3. With that done, iron the washcloth along the area with creases. Doing this makes the steam from the iron and the washcloth to stretch your leather shoes.
  • Leave your shoes to cool down. But don’t remove the washcloths inside them.
  • Now remove the washcloths then allow the shoes to dry.

That’s how simple you can remove creases and wrinkles out of your shoes using an iron. However, you can also put your shoes beneath a shoe tree for some days once you finish this process to help your shoes maintain their right shape.

Using a Steamer

A steamer is the best thing to use when you want to remove creases from your leather shoes. It works better compared to how iron works as it runs swiftly along with the oval shape of your leather shoes.

  • Begin by removing your shoelaces.
  • Then use old socks or paper to stuff the shoe.
  • After that, use the washcloth to wrap the toe box area.
  • Carefully, use the steamer to touch the washcloth and make sure you move it continuously.

Use a Heat Gun to Heat the Shoes

When nervous about ironing your shoes, you can think of applying heat using a heat gun or a blow dryer. When using this method, be sure to use an extended shoe tree as possible. This will work entirely when the leather is stretched correctly.

However, you must be careful not to increase your shoe size, which will add more space to your shoe and make more creases to form.

  • Position your leather shoes on a shoe tree.
  • Then hold a heat gun or a blow dryer approximately 6 inches away from your leather shoes. Move it consistently to get rid of burns.
  • Then massage the creases on your shoes once you work.
  • Immediately your leather shoes become hot, continue rubbing long the creases against the shoe tree. This helps in shaping your shoes back to their original shape.
  • Immediately your shoes cool down, use shoe polish to condition the leather, and restore their finish.

Massaging Them Using Oil

Oil is an essential on leather shoes as it can perfectly remove the creases and wrinkles.

  • Wipe some few oil drops to the wrinkles and creases on the shoes.
  • After that, gently rub the oil on your shoes to make them soft.
  • Then put them on a tree to shape them.

Using Alcohol

Alcohol is essential in making your leather shoes relax.

  • Add an equal amount of rubbing alcohol and water, then mix then add the mixture on a spray bottle.
  • Spray on the creases on your leather shoes then gently rub it.
  • Finish the process by applying a shoe polish or a leather conditioner.

Leather has beautiful look with a little age, but excess creases can make it look worn out and tired. Additionally, creases can rub on your feet, leading to blisters.